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Nun Implicated in Voter Fraud

A nun has been implicated by prosecutors in a troubling case of election fraud, according to local news reports.

It's been alleged by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters that Sister Marge Kloos of the Sisters of Charity mailed in an absentee ballot of Sister Rose Marie Hewitt who had reportedly passed away on October 4th of last year.

Deters sent a letter to the Board of Elections that said:

Re: Deceased Voter Rose Marie Hewitt.

Please be advised that sufficient information has been developed with respect to the above mentioned matter to determine that there is probable cause to believe that criminal activity has occurred.
Hewitt had reportedly lived with Sister Marge Kloos, the dean of arts at the College of Mount Saint Joseph. Prosecutor Joe Deters told WCPO that Kloos is being investigated as the person who sent in Hewitt’s ballot.

Sisters of Charity president Sister Joan Cook told reporters that they are cooperating with police.

Sister Marge Kloos has shown strong position on politics in the past. In fact in 2011, Sister Marge Kloos signed a letter reprimanding House Speaker John Boehner for siding with the "reckless" Tea Party. The letter read:
This is a stark choice between responsible leadership that serves the common good and narrow ideology that makes tax cuts for the wealthy our most sacred national priority. As Ohio Catholics, we urge you to reject the reckless path urged by many Tea Party leaders in Congress. Now is the time to seek a compromise that reflects the Catholic values of solidarity with the most vulnerable and prudential judgment.

She was also quoted in 2000 in The Cincinatti Enquirer talking about a woman being elected bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The story said:
"The possibility of electing a female bishop “gives women of other denominations, including the Catholic tradition, a great deal of confidence and hope that the various denominations are beginning to recognize the leadership skills of women,” said Sister Marge Kloos, a professor of religious and pastoral studies at the College of Mount St. Joseph.
CMR will keep you informed with updates on this story.

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Nicholas Trandem said...

Every order even remotely associated with the LCWR should be suppressed. The ones that accept it humbly accept it should be allowed to reform. Problem solved.

WAFMC said...

Fraud is as fraud does.

elm said...

Oh my! I wonder who she voted for.

Ranting Catholic Mom said...

I would accept gladly a new scandal in the Catholic church regarding voter fraud if it would prove that Obama was illegally elected. Perhaps it would mean that all of the executive orders he signed would be invalid. Sigh. It is just a dream.

Mary De Voe said...

And Queen Elizabeth II is a woman pope as Head of the Church of England. If this is not enough for these so called nuns, then, they must join the Head of the Church of England.

Mary De Voe said...

Ranting Catholic Mom:
No way. If prayer cannot do it, it will not be done. The nuns' job is prayer, petition, and doing the will of God. Sometimes that hurts. God took the other nun. If God wanted her to vote, she would have lived to vote. Obama is God's Justice for removing the sovereign Person of God from the public square. Obama is God's wrath.

Ranting Catholic Mom said...

Mary De Voe, I know you are right, but persecution through scandal has been one of God's methods of chastising his church. It is really just a wish on my part we wouldn't have to see so much destruction.

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