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Papal Resignation: Humilty and Trust

Pope Benedict is a great man with a great mind, a scholar and author with great insight. Many people waited for a man like this to be pope: deeply traditional, intelligent, able to take on today's crises in thought and praxis. His meekness as a person, joined to the clarity and depth of his writing, made for a strong shepherd for the Church.
     What to say of his resignation? All I can think of are humility and trust.
     A prideful man would say "I want the power, I want the prestige of being pope." A different kind of prideful man would say "With all of the threats out there against the Church, I must cling to power, I must exert my will upon the curia and the culture at large."
     A man who did not trust would say "I must stay in office, because what if someone else comes to power who doesn't share my views?" A man showing lack of trust would say "I must stay here as long as I can..."
     A man of God, a man of Christ, a man of the Holy Spirit, a man of the Church says:"This is Christ's Church. It is guided by the Spirit. I can give up this power, this authority, and trust that God's will shall be done."
     Pope Benedict is not a worldly politician, not even a worldly politician for Christ. He is a shepherd guided by humility and trust.
    He says "You, Lord, must guide Your Church. Your will be done."

*subhead*God's Will Be Done.*subhead*

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Pedro Erik said...

Very well said. May Holy Spiri guide us to a great Pope, as BenedictXVI is.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Amen. Amen.

Carlos Carrasco said...

Benedict is giving up the Papacy for Lent. We live in interesting times!

God bless Ratzinger! We shall miss you.

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