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Silliest Headline about Vatican from WaPo

The sun came up this morning, a dog bit the mailman and according to the Washington Post something else equally as startling happened...

Pope Benedict XVI’s leaked documents show fractured Vatican full of rivalries
That's seriously a headline? Since when has the Vatican not been fractured and full of rivalries. If total harmony occurred in the Vatican that would be worth a headline.

An organization of men don't agree with each other on everything and these same men compete with each other!!! Shocking I know. The same could be said about the Archbold family. I grew up with five brothers. Guess what, we were fractured and full of rivalries. I'm even willing to bet that the staff at the Washington Post is fractured and full of rivalries.

So really what they're reporting is that the Vatican is made up of human beings. Shocking, I know. Now to me, the interesting thing to understand is how has such a poorly run institution full of fractions and rivalries survived over 2,000 years.

Hey, the good news, I guess, is that at least the Washington Post didn't mention "Hitler Youth" in this article.


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Sophia's Favorite said...

As Hilaire Belloc said of the Church, "It is an institution run with such knavish imbecility that were it not divine it would not last a fortnight."

And as the Papal legate said when Napoleon threatened to destroy the Church in France if the Pope didn't concede to his demands, "If the bishops haven't been able to destroy the thing, what chance have you got?"

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