"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The Ex-Pope Face-Palm

I totally have a great idea. Since Pope Benedict uses twitter now, he could totally pwn the next Pope.

Evey time the new Pope does something that Benedict doesn't like, he should just tweet out this picture. He said he wouldn't say a word as ex-pope.  With this, he wouldn't have to!

If he doesn't, I will.


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Memom said...

Totally! :)

Ranting Catholic Mom said...

Great!!! Could you start doing it every time someone suggest someone like Cardinal Bertoni for Pope?

Lisa Graas said...

Not funny.

Sarah L said...

If anyone actually suggested Bertone for pope, a face-palm pic would be totally justified. It would take a miracle for him to make the consecration of Russia that Our Lady requested at Fatima (one that would actually mention Russia by name, as Our Lady expressly requested).

KCKim said...

So bad. I'm laughing too hard.

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