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Atheist Fail: WTC Cross Can Stay.

But...But...But it's a cross! The poor atheists took a beating this Holy Week when a judge said the cross that was formed from the rubble of the World Trade Center can stay as part of the 9-11 Memorial. Surely, this will not deter their mission to eradicate the cross from public view. Expect appeals but that doesn't mean we shouldn't appreciate good news when we get it. Today, sanity prevailed.

New York Post:

A New York judge has tossed out a lawsuit seeking to stop the display of a cross-shaped steel beam found among the World Trade Center's wreckage.

Federal judge Deborah Batts on Friday rejected the arguments of a national atheists' group.

American Atheists had sued the National September 11 Memorial & Museum's operators in 2011 on constitutional grounds.

The judge says the decision to include the artifact in the Sept. 11 museum did not advance religion impermissibly. She also says it does not create excessive entanglement between the state and religion. And she noted that the cross helps tell part of the history of Sept. 11.
A sane judge? In New York?

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Mary De Voe said...

of course, expect appeals. The taxpayers get stiffed with the legal fee of whatever the atheist charges because the taxpayer covers any court costs for any and all civil rights cases and the atheist claims that this is his civil right. The more difficult the case, the more the atheist likes it. It will take forever to remove the truth from the face of the earth and the atheist will collect on that too.

tuleesh said...

Could use Loser=Pays right about now.

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