"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Pope Francis: Man of Faith (and Chemistry)

The chemist in me could not help but make this tribute to our new Holy Father who has a masters in chemistry. (Yes. I am that much of a geek.) Habemus Papam Franciscum! Happy day!

Rebecca Taylor blogs at Mary Meets Dolly

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Anonymous said...

That is quite clever! Nice work! Pray for our new Holy Father.

ProudHillbilly said...

Very cool!

Mrs.LMPrescott said...


Brian Thompson said...

Is that compound even remotely possible or stable?

Brian Thompson said...

Is that compound even remotely possible or stable?

Anonymous said...

Fluorine, Radium, Nitrogen, Carbon, Iodine, Sulphur.

All very useful God-given natural elements that also have a spiritual meaning for the individual Christian's spiritual life and that of the Church in our time, which I am sure is not lost on the new Pope, himself a chemist:
Floride combats decay.
Radium overcomes cancerous growths.
Nitrogen helps plants and life to grow its flowers and fruit.
Carbon (contrary to popular political myth) is part of the CO2 which is ESSENTIAL to life on earth, which must be exhaled by humans and must be inhaled by plants in order that they may thrive.
Iodine has multiple uses, as an antiseptic, to kill germs and heal wounds. My grandfather used it as a gargle diluted in water to heal throat infections. It is useful with salt and baking soda to heal gingivitis.
Sulphur was one of the first elements that was used as an oral antibiotic in fighting bacterial infections. It is also used in matches to ignite flames in candles to light the altar of worship, the symbol of Christ's truth, love and light for all humankind.

What a wonderful new name for this Pope, ironically, metaphorically, symbolically at so many levels, not the least of which are the marching orders given to St. Francis of Assisi by our Lord, Jesus Christ: "Go, Francis, and repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin."

So very true.

Thanks be to GOD for a simple man with a simple basic message, calling and vision.

In Christ,

Proteios1 said...

The chemist in you should come up with a structure using so many electronegative atoms. Just kidding, the chemist in me couldn't resist. Nor can I resist saying to anonymous that Radium killed the Nobel prize winning Marie curie due to overexposure. Maybe radium can kill off all the progressives in the church who want to recreate God in their image. Sorry. Too cynical. How about call them to reconcile their role in Christs church as servants and not self serving whiners. Oops. Sorry again.

RCT said...

I want that on a t-shirt.

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