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A Heartbreaking Tale Of Staggering Indifference

Please pray for the soul of Rehtaeh Parsons, just 17.

Two years ago she was raped by four boys during which they smiled and gave the thumbs up in photos. They spread these photos around destroying her over and over again.

It was all too much for Rehtaeh and she took her own life.

I cannot fathom a grief like what the parents must certainly feel.

That four boys could commit an act of such cruelty and compound it with such staggering indifference boggles the mind.   I pray for these boys too, for they certainly need it.

Please remember Rehtaeh in your prayers.
*subhead*lease pray for Rehtaeh.*subhead*

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Amy Giglio said...

It's astounding that the boys were never prosecuted due to lack of evidence. They photographed the act! God bless her soul and may He have mercy on her tormentors.

Rick said...

"That four boys could commit an act of such cruelty and compound it with such staggering indifference boggles the mind."

It shouldn't because it is perfectly consistent with the prevailing culture of death and promiscuity (thanks to the Democrats). If high schools give out free condoms, then the act of sex seems to be "normalized". So, in their minds, rape is not that tragic.

And that is why I am pro-gun and pro-death penalty.

Mary De Voe said...

Thank you "Rick" Capital punishment is temporal punishment for capital one homicide. The rapist must support his victim for the rest of her life. These four are not home free. "Out of Pharoah's mouth came the death of the first born." God's Justice is as fine as gold. The longer it takes, the finer it gets.

Mary De Voe said...

When these rapists get to heaven Rehtaeh will be the gatekeeper.

Proteios1 said...

Have you ever watched shows like family guy or toshO. Rape is treated like a joke, a lark. I suspect that is exactly how those boys treated it. For them to not be corrected. Means their act was validated.

Lynda said...

You call the persons who raped, "boys". What ages were they???

Margaret said...

We have an ugly case like this in process locally. Google "Audrie Potts." Thankfully, the dirtbags responsible in this case are all facing charges. But given the town they're from, Saratoga, the parents will get their precious sons the best "justice" money can buy... I won't be surprised if they don't serve time.

Anonymous said...

Does no one see what these cases are really about? I may be wrong, but it sure seems to me that these males, (whether they be called men, boys or animals), it sure seems to me that they are creating their own personal pornography and posting it online. I would be shocked if porn was not a regular part of the diet that these criminals consumed.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that such a young and vulnerable life was lost. And no one, not even these young men will escape Eternal justice.

I'd like to know where their parents are?

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