"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Europe Is Doomed Part XXXVII

I know nobody seems to care, but I will keep posting on the time bomb that is Europe if for no other reason that I get to say "I told you so!" in the not too distant future.

When Europe collapses, I firmly believe we will see a violent conflagration for the history books.

It seems I am not the only one. Nigel Farage of UKIP, one of the lone voices in the European parlaiment that accurately predicted much of the mayhem we now see, predicts wholesale violence and revolution are coming to Europe. He is right.

*subhead*Violence and revolution.*subhead*

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Anonymous said...


UK readers should seriously consider voting for UKIP in tomorrows elections, if just to register a protest vote against the EU! Don't worry about this Parties policies on any other domestic issue, or their plausibility in getting any seats in the Commons in 2015.

Forget about the past. There is a very severe and gloriously righteous chastisement just around the corner, and the European revolutions are just one part of it.

Suzanne Carl said...

Patrick, I care and you are right. The problem is, as the problem gets bigger, it seems so inevitable that there is nothing more to say.

Nathan said...

Anyone with knowledge of Euro history knows that violence would never, and in fact can never, erupt in Europe! Europeans are the most peaceful people on Earth!!

(Yes, I'm being very sarcastic)

The interesting thing to watch will be the aftermath. Will the Church once again rebuild European civilization as it did in the fifth through tenth centuries? Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I think the future belongs to the Church in Europe, although the immediate future might be very unpleasant.

GSmith said...

World War III, like its two predecessors, will be caused by Europe and will begin in Europe.
Eventually, and almost immediately, it will engulf most of the planet, including the United States. We should not be surprised by this, because it will be inevitable. The mills of God grind slowly, but they will grind exceedingly small. Divine retribution for the blasphemous abortion holocaust.

mum6kids said...

I'm not sure who I will vote for tomorrow - I think there's an independent Christian party, or if not I might hold my nose and vote UKIP.

As for the coming violence; of course it's coming. The only thing that surprised me about the last lot of riots was how short lived they were.

Economically life is pretty hard here these days.
There's a lot of nastiness in the general culture.
It's getting ugly and it will get uglier.
And I think it serves us right.

Donna M said...

....Happy May Day! in the month of MARY!

....there "are" still prayer warriors in Europe!

....suspended in grace, held in Divine Mercy!

Anonymous said...

But when it does start to get really bad, at least we know that David Miliband will be heading up the International Rescue Committee from New York, surrounded by all his adoring groupies like Hilary Clinton and Tony Blair. Oh dear.

Lynda said...

Nigel Farage is very knowledgeable about the global political/economic picture. He has shown himself to be very prescient in the past.

Dymphna said...

Of course Europe is doomed and poor little England is just pathetic. People act like abortion and porn were invented in the US. Nope the sophisticated. Euros had. Both first.

Anonymous said...

Patrick - you are a retard. Seriously...a retard. You've been saying Europe is going to "burn" or "collapse" for years now and it still hasn't happened...nor is it going to happen in your miserable lifetime. If the problems of Greece and Spain could not bring it down (or even force them to leave the Eurozone) then your faux Nostradamus-like revelations won't either. So, please, once and for all give us a date: by XX/XX/XXXX Europe will fall. That way when the date passes we can finally all agree without a modicum of disagreement that you are indeed a retard.

Donna M said...

....in support of Pat,

....reality orientation,

...."every" secular institution has been compromised and "is" failing!
....they are beyond any significant, meaningful repair!
....if anyone has been paying attention, it has been "bailing out" and "salvaging operations" FOR YEARS!
....as if, limping along with 100 lb backpacks on everyone is normal!

....yeah, that's really living large!...

Anonymous said...

Donna, you are proof that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed-man is king. Patrick has made this foolish claim for over 5 years now (on this and other Catholic sites). It is no more accurate than any idiot who says "the world is coming to an end!" Well...yes, moron, the world is coming to an end, but most likely millions of years from now when it is engulfed by the sun's expansion. Once again, PICK A DATE, and if you're wrong, then have the courage (hah!) and decency (even more risible and absent with Patrick) to shut the hell up on the subject.

noahluck said...

No date given = no prediction. Just unfalsifiable rambling. Nothing to see here.

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