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Feminists Attack Archbishop with Water Guns, Claim the Church is Hateful

A feminist group has attacked the head of the Catholic Church is Belgium, spraying him with water guns while accusing him of being a hateful fanatic.

Presumably, this had to do with the Church's stance on marriage.

Free Republic has some details:

Several activists of the women's movement FEMEN have carried out a "water attack" on Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, the head of the Belgian Catholic Church.

Activists from the Brussels division of FEMEN attacked the archbishop during "a session of public propaganda of hatred and religious fanaticism" at ULB, one of the main educational establishments in Belgium, on April 23, the day of legalization of same-sex "marriages" in France, FEMEN said in a report.

The FEMEN activists sprayed the archbishop with water.

"FEMEN consistently opposes religious propaganda of violence, homophobia, and attempts made by the church to resume its destructive […] influence on women and society in general," FEMEN said in its press release.
You've got to love how irony is completely lost on these people. They attack someone and accuse them of being hateful.


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Mack Hall, HSG said...

Gosh, what a logical method of persuasion. I believe St. Augustine mentions water pistols in one of his arguments in THE CITY OF GOD.

Fr. Larry said...

It is a good thing they were not U.S. school children on the playground. They may have been suspended.

Mary De Voe said...

Assault and battery. Verbal assault and physical battery needs to be addressed. If they get away with this it will be bottles and rocks next time.

Maureen said...

Or worse, Fr. Larry. And using a water pistol to attack someone should warrant some jail time or a hefty fine. I see it as a hate crime.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mary. First it's water! Then rocks! Soon enough, they'll be throwing ABORTED CHILDREN AT HIM!

Michael said...

Maureen, if using a water pistol should be seen as a hate crime, what should assaulting abortion doctors be considered?

Sherry Antonetti said...

I'll flip it for you Michael, what would the media call pro-life activist squirting water on a doctor who performs abortion? I would call those people not helpful to their argument, purile,and ungracious, probably deserving of a legal slap on the wrist and fine to get the point, this is not okay. But I'd tell you, it would be considered an assault and hate crime and indicative of malice and possible future intent to do harm.

Michael said...

Pretty sure what you're looking for is "protest" and not "an assault and hate crime and indicative of malice and possible future intent to do harm."

But then again, you're crazy, so your higher cognitive functions may not work too well.

Anonymous said...

Good argument Michael. If all else fails just call your opponent crazy and/or stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous! We seem to share the same name.

What's goin' on, bro?

Donna M said...

.....and we title the book,

.....the 'Rise and Fall of the Femen-Nazis'
.....they found what was rotten on Denmark!

.....this book is writing itself!

Proteios1 said...

I agree. The patriarchy had men working even to the point of working to death to provide a safe environment for their wives and their children. How horrible. Perfect? Not really. But malicious. No. Catholics put women in high regard. It's not our fault if society wants women's role to be self objectification, risky sexual practices and abortion mills that...I can't even read most articles about that Gosnell creep. We never performed honor murders of our daughters. Quite the contrary. Most Catholic Dads protected their daughter by cleaning their guns when boys stopped by. Don't like it. Ok. But don't accuse us of things that aren't true. And he some abused that. But most didn't.

Also, I can't help noticing the feminists and gay activists are so keen on the victim caricature so they can do anything no matter how vile. Hey. I'm the victim here. I just responding...to your longstanding 2000 year old belief that I just decided now that I hate, so I get to express my hate because I'm the victim.

Anonymous said...

Hm. I wonder what the group does about the increasing Muslim population in their country. Surely, they cannot believe that those guys are pro-women, pro-homosexual. I mean, if defining marriage as one man + one woman, and if saying only men can be priests is violent religious propaganda, what do they call stoning homosexuals and marrying off one's 9-year-old daughter to her first cousin?


Anonymous said...

I just ate some delicious aborted fetuses on some toast. Quite scrumptious. OM NOM NOM. Crunchy little bones.

Donna M said...

....hey A,

....OH NO, YOU DIDN'T!!!

Anonymous said...

.... Donna M!

.... I am really excited for your book!

.... Will you write it like this?

.... Because I think you should!

.... And Heaven will direct on!

Donna M said...

....first sequel,

....'Femen-Nazis, After the Rotten has Fallen'
....how they were reduced to pulling out their own hair, preying on road kill, running on all four legs and howling at the moon.
....the consequences and outcomes of not leaving the Danish Catholic Archbishop alone....;(

....just can't fix plain stupid!

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