"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Fr. Barron to be Honored at Providence College Commencement

Fr. Robert Barron will reportedly be honored at Providence College's commencement ceremony next month.

Fr. Barron is the host and creator of the amazing award-winning series "Catholicism" which appeared on PBS and EWTN. He will receive an honorary degree from the Catholic college.

Father Barron is rector-president of Mundelein Seminary University of St. Mary of the Lake. He also founded Word on Fire Ministries, a global media ministry that uses the tools of new media to draw people to the Church.


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Lynne said...

and according to him, Hell is empty?

Patrick Thornton said...



Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

No, Lynne. He said that Hell is real, the possibility of going there is real (and up to us), and some really bad folks may be there. But, we could also rightly hold on to holy hope that God, in His infinite mercy, may allow that no human would be in that place of ultimate punishment .

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