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Creative Minority Reader

Funny. Patton Oswalt Filibustering wtih Star Wars Script

Pretty funny in a slow burn kind of way.

HT Sherry Antonetti


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Mike in CT said...

I love the lady in the front row with the headache.

Blackrep said...

Han vows vengeance over the severed head of Chewbacca? I would pay obscene money to see that.

Donna M said...

....is he coming to Comic Com San Diego???
.....by the way,....

...."Time Ribbon/Stream"......as in STAR TREK GENERATIONS!!!....;)

Donna M said...

correction......"Comic Con"....;)

Anonymous said...

First of all that's how my 10 year talks at about every meal if I let him and second of all I'm not going if they can't find a way to get Spock and James T. Kirk in the picture, both the old and the young.

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