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Girls Lift 3,000 lb. Tractor to Save Dad

"Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

This is an amazing story. A man flips his tractor and becomes pinned underneath.

His feeble cries are heard by his 2 teenage daughters. Desperate, they try to dig him out, but it is too slow.

Somehow, someway they lift the 3,000 lb tractor off their Dad long enough for him to crawl out.

Who says teens are good for nothing? [You geeks can tell me where the quote above comes from and why it is relevant]

*subhead*Divine muscles..*subhead*

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Mike in CT said...

A young Drew Barrymore in Firestarter? She did a lot more than most 5 year old girls when she got angry.

Michael F. said...

The Incredible Hulk.

Ron Bowers said...

Someone should check solar gamma ray emission records and look for a spike that correlates to this rescue. If memory serves, that is how Dr. Banner discovered the mechanism by which he became the Hulk.

matthew archbold said...


John F. Kennedy said...

One of the finest lines from a TV show's opening credits

Wayne said...

My favorite line from the article: "I was just saying, 'God help me, God help me' over and over because obviously I couldn't lift it by myself. It was heavy." No doubt!

Catholicus said...

Course would help if farmers fitted roll bars to the tractors - woudl stop that sort of thing.

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