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Mike Tobin: Fox News Ninja

When attacking ninjas the biggest mistake attackers make is attacking one at a time. This is not a mistake these two young women make when they both attempt to kiss-bomb Fox reporter Mike Tobin on the air. The two also don't attack straight on but attack from opposite angles. But Tobin on the air proves himself to be a full-on Ninja by rebuffing them both at once without breaking stride in delivering the news.

And there's no truth to the rumor that he threw six Chinese stars and disappeared in a cloud of smoke immediately after.

Check out Tobin's rebuff. Proving that his momma didn't raise a rude ninja he even throws in a polite "please."


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magnificatlady said...

LOL! That was great!
I have to admit there is something much sweeter about wanting to photobomb a reporter with a peck on the cheek than some drunk clown yelling out incoherent nonsense just to get his 2 seconds on TV.
Either way, Mike was having none of that during his shot!

WillyJ said...

Ninja also got 360 degree vision

Suzanne Carl said...

Yes, and real ninjas are polite too! "Please don't do that," and he's right back to the report.

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