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Planned Parenthood Nurses Quit, Citing ‘Ridiculously Unsafe,’ Filthy Clinic Conditions

After a series of botched abortions at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Delaware that led to at least five women being rushed to emergency rooms since the beginning of the year, two former nurses have quit the clinic and are telling ABC6 News in Philadelphia about the unsafe and unsanitary conditions at the clinic. Reportedly calling the clinic a “a meat-market style of assembly-line abortions,” the allegations coming out are more than troubling, especially since the state doesn't run regular inspections of abortion clinics.

The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List issued a strong statement about the allegations.

“Planned Parenthood cannot claim to be truly concerned for women’s health while at the same time opposing laws aimed at securing women’s safety inside abortion clinics. America’s number one abortion business cannot claim that the Kermit Gosnell ‘house of horrors’ is an isolated incident while their own employees expose them for conditions they call ‘ridiculously unsafe,’” said Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser. “The abortion industry cannot be relied upon to police themselves and repeatedly opposing efforts to strengthen health and safety standards in abortion clinics does not reflect true concern for women and girls.”

“Delaware has a grisly history on abortion. Kermit Gosnell, now on trial in Philadelphia for the murder of infants born-alive, practiced in Wilmington at the Atlantic Women’s Medical Center for years, as did two of those testifying against him,” said Ellen Barosse, founder of the Delaware pro-life group A Rose and A Prayer. “It is a tragedy that in the state where we have the highest abortion rate in the country, these abortion clinics are not even subject to routine inspection. ‘Safe, legal, and rare’ has long been the mantra of the abortion industry and its supporters. It’s clear that in Delaware only legal matters—patient safety is not a concern.”
Planned Parenthood is now saying they're closing down the clinic for routine cleaning. Uhm. Yeah.

Kudos to ABC6 News for following this story. And thanks to the SBA List for bringing it to our attention.


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Proteios1 said...

Why am I not hearing about my of thisin the mainstream media sources? It could be me who isn't informed. Of it could be the media not reporting on things that don't support their advocacy and agenda. Regardless, I hear nothing about this.

Sand Mama said...

In too many states, you'll be inspected more often if you are running a shop that does ear-piercing than an abortion clinic.
The lobby for the abortion industry is just that powerful.

Lynda said...

It's a sick society that would be concerned about such things as unsanitary conditions rather than the repeated killing of innocent babies in their mothers' wombs.

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