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Scariest Video Ever. Oh and Dumbest Father Ever!!!

I hope his wife never sees this. Oh wait. Actually I hope she does and beats him.

Prayers going out to all the families affected by this horrible fire.


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Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for that girl. The poor child was rendered deaf (temporarily, hopefully) because her father decided to video tape a massive inferno at a fertilizer plant. You can hear the fear in her voice.

Ellen said...

They were on the news and the girl is fine. They were over 200 yards away and had no idea that the explosion was coming. It's just human nature to look at something like that.

sparrow said...

I'm with Ellen. How was he supposed to know this was that one very rare case of an explosion on that scale?

Jeremytay said...

Matt, I think you should cut the guy some slack. Everyone is berating him for being 'father of the year', 'dumbest father', etc. when the truth is, he appeared to be a safe distance away. Even if the place were to explode, there was no way to know that he was dangerously close. I'm an aerospace engineer, grew up in the country (not too far from West) and consider myself smarter than the average Joe. I too would have underestimated the explosive energy contained in that fertilizer plant. Hindsight is 20/20.

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