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School Outlaws Fetal Dolls After Students Violent Reaction

Three judges ruled that a public school acted constitutionally by prohibiting a student group from handing out two inch fetus dolls with pro-life messages attached, according to The Daily Caller.

Why? Because the last time they did it, students tossed the fetus dolls in the toilet, set them ablaze, and ripped their heads off and threw them at people.

So because some react crazily to scientific fact, exhibiting that scientific fact becomes ok to prohibit? That's the state of public schools today? If enough children react poorly to a scientific fact, we'll all ignore that fact because otherwise the children get rowdy until they calm down for the Planned Parenthood assembly.

The school, of course, has the right to prohibit students from bringing things in but it's quite telling that as The Daily Caller points out this same group brought in many things before and the school was fine with it. It was the fetus dolls that caused the students to act out. The school should be consistent.

But I think the important thing here is to notice the violent reaction these students had to truth. Thank goodness they're in a public school where they'll be shielded from it.

If these children had a similar reaction to a picture of Martin Luther King Jr., do you think the school would prohibit his image from being handed out? Of course not. There'd be an assembly called with gleeful guidance counselors speechifying about tolerance and there'd be sensitivity trainers being paid by the hour to roam the halls taking notes. For goodness sakes, the school would probably be renamed after Martin Luther King Jr.

But babies? No. They've got to go.

*subhead*Illegal fetal dolls.*subhead*

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Mary De Voe said...

Savagery, out and out savagery.

Nathan said...

I don't know, public schools tend to ban anything that might be disruptive just to make the teachers' lives easier. As a former teacher myself, I can well attest that it is hard enough keeping students' attention on the subject at hand without having anything to further incite them. Is it a safe bet that the administrators probably aren't pro-life, yeah probably, but we need not leap to a conspiracy theory to explain the ban - Ocham's Razor and all.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Yes, but none of you voted in your last school board election.

Gail Finke said...

Devil's Advocate here... I know of a school that the same thing happened at. The kids didn't throw the rubber fetuses around because they were hateful kids, they did it because they were the size of rubber balls and they threw them around like rubber balls. Should they have done so? NO. But some things, good in their proper place, are not good in others. I think these are one of those things. Don't hand 'em out to high schoolers.

Lynda said...

Demonic. Demons are more active among the general populace than at any time in history. This is what widespread rejection of God and the natural law, and contraception and abortion have brought about.

Mary De Voe said...

Nathan: My comment about savagery is not about conspiracy but about how the baby's heads were torn off. Do normal children tear off doll's heads? Now, the conspiracy theory. Are the kids practicing neutering their humanitarian feelings? like stomping on the name of Jesus or the name of Nathan? or the boot on the neck of Jesus or Nathan?

melody said...

Okay, I agree with you. BUT... I was recently at a huge pro-life convention where a vendor was giving out these little rubber babies to students (middle school through high school). What did the pro-life kids do with them? Did they ooh and aah and marvel at the miracle of life? Nope. They threw them at each other and stretched them and did all kinds of sophomoric things with them. It was... um... discouraging. I made a mental note to never hand out little rubber babies in large quantities to kids at any of our group functions. I think Gail Finke might be right in her comment. This is a great tool... probably the wrong setting. Unfortunately.

Sarah L said...

Pearls before swine. Maybe a little disernment before handing out the fetal dolls would have prevented the scandal (caused by the kids and their juvenile brand of barbarism) and the need to ban them altogether (the dolls, I mean).

Rick said...

I am curious to read the actual reasoning of the court. This prohibition appears to be a violation of the 1st amendment.

Anonymous said...

throwing rubber fetuses around is not the same as lighting them on fire and flushing them down the toilet. If you believe this explains it, you do not understand the state of public schools today, the widespread effect of deadly-wrong indoctrination, and spiritual warfare in general.


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