"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The Jesus Was Married - Redux

Do you remember when Harvard Divinity Professor Karen King embarrassed herself last year by claiming that a few words on a parchment of dubious source and date proved Jesus was married?

Well, she is still embarrassing herself.

In a speech to Michigan students, she doubled down on the ridiculous claim, but in doing so she revealed her motivations.

King commented that, as a scholar, there is more at issue for her than Christ’s possible marriage. She questioned how Jesus’ celibate status came to be accepted, astonished few have previously challenged this issue.

“We should be asking how we have largely come to believe that Jesus was not married,” she said. “It is worth questioning something that has come to shape gendered law and normative institutions. Much is at stake in constructing this history of a usable past.
She doesn't like the result, so she undermines the truth. That's Harvard in a nutshell.

But her absurdity continues, citing one word in a 3rd Century Gnostic gospel as some sort of proof that the question is still open. That question isn't open. How Harvard is still open, that is the question.

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Proteios1 said...

Let me dust off the old, Jesus was married shtick and put aside the current, Bible doesn't say that spiel....okay, I'm ready.
So revisionist historians want to revise history until it fits into a consistent story of our currently and ongoing re engineering of society in their (whoever they are..Hollywood, government, satan?).
We pretend like Christendom didn't create our modern world...check.
Change AD to CE..ignoring the uear this occurs....check.
Christendom hates education and atheists own educational and all,learning...check.
I'm sure I forgot some, but I'm soooooo bored with people who aren't creative or intelligent just whipping out the same boring controversies and calling it academic. Ugh.

Nan said...

What she forgets is that Jesus being celibate wasn't questioned because it was known; wait for some papal infallibility here as it isn't until people question that Popes proclaim the truth as dogma.

Basher said...

Proteios wrote:

"(whoever they are..Hollywood, government, satan?)"

Do I have to pick just one?

Mary De Voe said...

Jesus Christ, true God and true man is married to His spouse, the Holy Roman Catholic Virgin Mother Church. Virgin, in that, Holy Mother Church is infallible. "Much is at stake in constructing this history of a usable past.” she says, admitting to "using and abusing" people as though she owned another person. Everything Karen King writes ought to be viewed as fiction from her starting point of "using" people. An atheist teaching Divinity? One person cannot own another person...Lincoln. Respect, respect, respect. If King can bear false witness about Jesus what will she say about her students and does it matter?

Mary De Voe said...

and through Jesus Christ, all priests are married to the spouse of Christ, in persona Christi.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another one of those "for the greater glory of... tada: MOI" arguments.

Jesus Christ Church said...

Jesus is my God!

Anonymous said...

"'The important thing about history,' Marx said, 'is not to understand it but to change it'" (Death of Christian Culture 85).

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