"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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This Is Them--Footage of the Bombers

Official from the FBI.

This is them. Who are they?


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Anonymous said...

Everybody carries a backpack, except me.

Anonymous said...

Oh look - the post where you claimed dark-skinned people were the bombers has mysteriously disappeared! I'm losing faith in you, Patty Archbold, P.I.

Lynda said...

How can they know it's them?

laura said...

Really rancid human beings, that's who.

bill bannon said...

Here's the mystery. They, as all commentators are noting, seem
professional like experienced terrorists. But....the idiot in the Connecticut school killing...killed 26 people and these two men together killed only three people though they hurt many. Either they
are not professional terrorists or they are but were aiming not at maximum death but at something else. I hope Boston was not a distraction to consume personnel in order to do something bigger soon and in a different location.

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