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White House Refuses to Comment on Gosnell, Even When Grilled by Fox News Reporter

Jay Carney keeps saying he can't comment on an incident where the trial is still ongoing. Uhm. Anyone remember Trayvon Martin? Adam Lanza?

The White House is ignoring the Gosnell issue because Barack Obama has absolutely no problem with what went on in Gosnell's clinic. Please recall that Obama voted against requiring doctors to provide medical care for babies born alive.

And as Fox News' Ed Henry points out, the premise of the gun control legislation is that "even if it saves one life" the government should act. So why isn't that same standard used for abortion clinics?

Update: And proving that the media can be shamed (a little) Savannah Guthrie did ask Obama about Gosnell but he stuck to the script and said he couldn't comment on an ongoing trial and all that b.s. about wanting abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.

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Nathan said...

Safe, legal, and rare. The last one just makes no sense and shows the ridiculousness of the pro-abortion position. If the pro-life mov't is right (and it is) then life begins at conception and abortion is willful first degree murder and should be rare, yes, but also should be criminal. If the pro-abortion crowd is right and abortion is no different than pulling a tooth, why should it be rare? Who argues that tooth extraction should be RARE?

Anonymous said...

But Obama did comment on the Trayvon Martin case even before there was a trial because doing so advanced his agenda of racial division and his phony narrative of black victimization. He won't comment about Gosnell, even though he could, because it's not in his political interest to do so; in fact, it would be harmful to his political interests. Obama is a scheming, duplicitous man.

Mary De Voe said...

Let those who prevented licensing and inspection of abortion clinics be tried for obstruction of Justice. Justice before mercy. Self-evident truth: all men are created equal. if condemned to capital punishement, let it be scissors in the back of Gosnell's neck to snip the spinal column to insure demise and cut off Gosnell's feet and throw his body in the garbage. Fair is fair. Since the atheist removed the mercy of God from our courts, is there a place for mercy for Gosnell?

Rick said...

If Obama is the theory, Gosnell is the practice. 2 sides of one inhuman coin. What's the WH gonna say? "Badda bip, badda boop."

Pedro Erik said...

Also, remember the beer case? James Crowley (policeman), prof. Henry Gates Jr. and the words "the policeman acted stupidly".


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