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You're More Beautiful Than You Think

Dove did a very interesting experiment. The had several women describe themselves to a sketch artist. After they were done, somebody else that they met described them to the sketch artist.

Which version do you think was more critical and which more beautiful? And which one was closer to the truth?

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Maurisa said...

Wow. Truly remarkable.

Ranting Catholic Mom said...

Next time my women's studies major want to give a speech about the media's negative impact on wome, I will share this with them. This was really wonderful.

Michael said...

I will give Dove credit. For a few years they have been hammering on "true beauty" and accepting your appearance, as opposed to desiring to look like the models from all other commercials.

It is a marketing scheme, but one that is based on truth. Cool idea here, though, to have a relative stranger's image of you compared to your image of you.

The Bard said...

God made us all. And made women far more capable and beautiful then this demonic society gives you credit for. Each person is a unique non-repeating individual formed in the womb by the Lord himself. God made you, and you are Great. This is a very wonderful piece.

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