"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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8 Most Hilarious and Unsettling Obama-as-Deity Metaphors

Just yesterday we had a Georgetown professor comparing Eric Holder to Moses, which is sadly some of the most scripturally sound analysis coming out of Georgetown in years. So it seemed like a good idea to recall (and by recall I mean laugh and point) all the crazy attempts at deifying President Obama.

Check out the 8 Most Hilarious and Strangely Unsettling Obama-as-Deity Metaphors at The National Catholic Register>>>


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Suzanne Carl said...

The creepiness of these deifications of Obama is unheard of. I am especially struck by the way the last writer describes him as an angel of light. Isn't that what Lucifer is, even in his fallen nature? CREEPY is the only way to describe it.

Donna M said...

...started to, but, just couldn't do it!

....the man is a living curse, until he and his ilk sincerely, change their ways!

....from spiritual point of view, it better be soon, the "labor pains" are well under way!

Donna M said...

...listening to progessive demo'rats defending the rat "king"!

...what an incredible journey into fantasy land! I thought for a moment, I was at "Disneyland"!
...idiots on parade!

...I'm still "dizzy" from the crazy makin', spin doctoring!

Proteios1 said...

An odd cocktail of leftist schizophrenia. Condemn religion, then use every religious term and descriptor to define your "gods". It's an odd pagan revival the cult of Obama, but I suspect that is why these things crop up and fade away so often and so many times in history. Imprinted in our hearts is Gods Truth. Eventually, even those people will reject their falsehoods. Sadly, it does a lot of damage while we're waiting for it to implode.

Rick said...

Mind boggling these Democrats are. We have the worst president in the history of America and there they are prostrating themselves in adulation like teeny boppers screaming for their rock star. The products of Liberal public education and TV culture.

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