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A Wonderful Catholic Publication You'll Want to Subscribe To

I've started writing a column for The Catholic Digest, a great Catholic publication that's headed by Danielle Bean. My writing there focuses mainly on the fun family oriented stories I share. Recent columns of mine include the ice cream trip gone wrong and the horror of my oldest child not wanting to hold my hand in public anymore.

But it's not just me. The magazine is excellent and has so much good and faithful writing.

Please consider subscribing to The Catholic Digest by clicking here.

*subhead*Truly Catholic.*subhead*

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Rick said...

That's a wholesome publication - something Liberals don't get. (That troll must've aborted lots of her babies that she's enraged with herself as the nightmare torments her. Go to Confession dear. Repent. God forgives and so does your unborn children.)

Rick said...

Speaking of fantasy dieties, you must be an Islamist. There are no virgins in the sky - just so you know.

Rick said...

Reason. That comes before books.

Anonymous said...

Hahah....quick joking, man. Seriously.

Gen X Revert said...

Good to hear!

Donna M said...

...congrats Matt!,
...an excellent periodical and a "very" good read!
...you must be doing "something" right..;)

...hey, do you have kid stories like:

Finding an "entire" brand new roll of toilet paper in the bowl, along with legos, hot wheel cars, little boy underwear and a three yr old stating proudly, "See grandma, I did it myself!".
...and the "poopy" morning diaper on the floor!...
..or, a one yr old with advanced, self taught, survival skills, that seeks out and finds her own food resources and stockpiles, the kitchen "food" waste container! Gives new meaning to "living off the land" mentality!
...got a "million" of "em!...;)

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