"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Cardinal Dolan Denies Catholics Entry at Cathedral Because of Dirty Hands

See that headline? It is the disingenuous creation of self-important anti-Catholic protestors.

Read all about it my latest at the National Catholic Register.

*subhead*Grow up.*subhead*

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Donna M said...

....mr dirty hands complaint,

....that whimsical secular world has "fallen" on its' sword for this idiocy and for "me"!..

....and now, why oh why?

....can't that Cardinal Dolan and that big, majestic, beatific and celestial Catholic Church do it for "me" too?

....I just don't know why?...it's just so unfair!

....so I think I'm going to give grief and be a big complainer and tattle tail!

....answer to mr dirty hands,

.....dude, like satan, your a self centered, self indulgant, self absorbed, prideful, egocentric sinner like the rest of us!

....go make a sincere confession, do penance, ammend your life and receive the most "BLESSED SACREMENT" worthily!

....with a "clean" heart, as well as "clean" hands
....just like the "rest" of us!

Donna M said...



....pardon me, dear Lord!

Anonymous said...

So, now I have to go a look up the original story and figure out exactly how dirty hands was used as a metaphor, I guess? Next time, can you make the backstory a little plainer for those of us who are slow? Thx.

Renee said...

I had a good conversation over at Professor Althouse's blog on this.

We talked about the Sacrament of Marriage and what it really means, especially the sexual unitive aspect of it. In secular culture, we see gender equality as not a balance of gifts between female and male, but rather androgyny where all sense of gender is void. While not within Catholic Teaching, an analogy may be the Toaist yin/yang understanding of balance. And while we use the word love, for many occasions, many people can't see different forms of love.

What is most frustrating from the HuffPost was a commenter in her late 50s, an identified Catholic She stated that all Sacraments should be open to everyone.

How does she come to this conclusion? Does she even understand what each Sacrament is? Where is she getting her information?

Are these the same Catholics who praise Vatican II, but fail to read what the Church teaches in their own native tongue?

As a younger revert, I'm amazed at the information I have and that I can share as a lay person. Our Church is rich in understanding, knowledge, and love.

It kills me to see these clueless people.... oblivious to just pause and reflect on what the Church says.

Lynda said...

Deny those "with unclean hands", the Blessed Sacrament at the altar rail.

Blackrep said...

He was "Reared as a Catholic?" Reared all right, but Catholic has little to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Donna, "like the rest of us" you should learn proper grammar and syntax. You may have gotten an extra bushel of periods..........for your birthday, but that does not mean you need to use them all up at the begining of each sentence. You might think you are being a "visionary", stylistic or avant-guarde, but the reality is you are really just being annoying.

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