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Fr. Andrew Greeley RIP

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Fr. Andrew Greeley has passed away. Fr. Greeley, an often bombastic Obama-supporting liberal, was a world famous author, a columnist, and most importantly a priest for 59 years. Say a prayer or two please.

Chicago priest, best-selling author, noted sociologist and long-time Sun-Times columnist Father Andrew Greeley died on Wednesday night. He was 85.

He passed away at his apartment at the Hancock Center, according to June Rosner, Greeley's long-time spokesman.

Greeley's family issued a statement, noting his 59 years in the priesthood:

"Our lives have been tremendously enriched by having the presence of Fr. Andrew Greeley in our family. First and foremost as a loving uncle who was always there for us with unfailing support or with a gentle nudge, who shared with us both the little things and the big moments of family life. But we were specially graced that this man was also an amazing priest who recently celebrated the 59th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. He served the Church all those years with a prophetic voice and with unfailing dedication, and the Church he and our parents taught us to love is a better place because of him. Our hearts are heavy with grief, but we find hope in the promise of Heaven that our uncle spent his life proclaiming to us, his friends, his parishioners and his many fans. He resides now with the Lord of the Dance, and that dance will go on."


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Subvet said...

God rest his soul.

Donna M said...

...it's finally over.
...despite what friends and family say,

...it wasn't peaceful, kind, calm or pretty!

...may he rest in peace.

Dymphna said...

Well, hopefully if half the stuff he claimed about the predator ring in the diocese is true he made arrangements for it to come out.

Mary De Voe said...

If Greeley supported Obama, he can pray for himself. RIP yep right

Maia said...

Did anyone else read "resides now with the Lord of the Dance" What the hell does that even mean? I seriously hope he doesn't have to spend eternity looking at that guy from Riverdance. Sounds like hell, maybe.

Mary De Voe. You're wrong. He CAN'T pray for himself, people in purgatory (where we should all hope he got to) are not able to pray for themselves. God have mercy on him and all of us. No matter what now, he knows what the truth is, and God willing, if he is in heaven, he will be able to pray and support the RIGHT side.

Lord have mercy on him.

Taylor Family on a Mission said...

The Lord of the Dance is a hymn that refers to Christ. Since it was asked. It's actually a very familiar tune, and quite catchy.

William Meyer said...

Lord have mercy on him, indeed. I pray for the repose of his soul. In charity, I can do no less.

Steve Dalton said...

Lord Of The Dance is a Shaker hymn that is in our missals, that really shouldn't be there. It teaches nothing about the Catholic faith. It's actually worst than Amazing Grace!

Katalina said...

While Andrew Greeley was a liberal priest and made many mistakes (including the Novels) he did write 2 books on two different conclaves which I read. The first was on the 1978 Conclaves which is written as a diary starting in 1975. It talked about events leading up to Pope Paul's death and the elections of JPI and JPII. The second was the 2005 conclave where he actually originally supported Pope Emeritus Benedict. I will pray for the repose of his soul. He did believe in the Faith but got misguided by the "spirit of Vatican II"

al said...

Shaking my head at people saying they will not pray for someone because of their politics. Does the saying "Pray for your enemies" ring any bells? Or is that just some kind of "liberal" nonsense? I will pray for Greeley, and I will pray for his detractors, too.

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