"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Gosnell Convicted Of Murdering 3 Babies

[Foxnews] A Philadelphia doctor was found guilty Monday of murdering three babies born alive in an abortion clinic, Fox News confirms. He was acquitted in the fourth baby's death, and found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the overdose death of an adult patient.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, was convicted of first-degree murder and could face execution in the deaths of three babies who authorities say were delivered alive and then killed with scissors at his grimy clinic, in a case that became a flashpoint in the nation's debate over abortion.

Gosnell was cleared in the death of a fourth baby, who prosecutors say let out a soft whimper before he snipped its neck.


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Proteios1 said...

A "flashpoint"? I disagree.
I think the leftist media can toast to their success in ensuring few people outside the pro life crowd know much of this. This isn't to detract from the impressive efforts to take a heavily biased media to task for ignoring their responsibilities.

Lynda said...

Unfortunately, many people not actively following the evil of abortion, and the war against it, are still unaware of Gosnell and his brutal killing factory.

James W. said...

The great irony, of course, is that this happens every day if the baby is moved a few inches in a different direction, namely inside the womb. Somehow location makes all the difference as to whether a baby can have its body ripped apart until it dies. And the man who does it is not a murderer one day and a murderer the next.

Anonymous said...

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Joan said...

Foxnews! "It's" neck? This baby was a he or she!

Donna M said...

....soooo I ask again and again,

Where is that cowardly apostate, joe biden been hiden' when all this is going on!
Where is his "weigh in" on the controversy!
....joe, where is your outrage!
He sure had alot to say about protecting abortionists, like Gosnell and pp, months ago and now all I hear are the sounds of crickets and incompetence!
....joe, your hands are bloody too!, like pontius pilate!

....listening quietly to the sound of his political career tanking!
....oops, unless obama's politcal career tanks first! Corruption, racketeering, obstruction of justice, he should be impeached!
....why joe, if he goes you'd be president!
....then we'll impeach you!

Anonymous said...

Donna M, hahaha Joe Biden. That is hilarious! That guy has been MIA these last few weeks. Too much scandal for him to shoot from the hip. Current administration not my favorite, and I'm being really generous, but they aren't dumb.

Anonymous said...

Gosnell should be making big rocks into little rocks for what is left of his life.

Proteios1 said...

I think your dreaming if you think anything will happen to Obama. The guy has a media that is more like an advocacy group for his agenda. The tough questions? Haven't heard any in 5 years. The guy gets the kid gloves...when they even pretend to take a swing at him. The media act as his advocates and apologists. Nothing more. And if the people don't know. They don't demand answers from their reps and the reps do nothing aside from pad their wallets.

Lynda said...

If Obama isn't impeached for Benghazi with all of the evidence against the White House on that, he won't be impeached on anything. His administration is implicated in many "terrorist" events. Will the American people demand he go for Benghazi alone? If not, why not?

Donna M said...

To beloved peers,
I can hope and dream can't I?...;)

....I "don't" put my trust in government before God! The world, for now, is satan's territory!
....obama is just the "front man" for the minions in hell. They will continue to protect him (and others) well, until they are finished with them.
Look what happened to Gosnell and his lawyer!
They were shocked and couldn't believe the verdict!

...sooo I ask, what did they think, they know, that I didn't!
Did they think abortion supporters in high government offices were going to come to their rescue?
....one has to wonder about the level of malfeasance and malevolence operating in our government today.
Gosnell never "hid" anything! THAT IS WHAT IS SO STUNNING!!!
....it is hard to believe, there are people right here, in California, anxiously waiting for obama's "brave new world"!

Rick said...

Obama's legal doctrine personified, actualized and judged as illegal, immoral and inhuman. My faith in the US judicial system is restored.

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