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Horror Vid: Abortion Clinic Employees Admit to Seeing Many Live Birth Abortions

Life Dynamics Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Texas, has released an interview with three former abortion clinic workers which prove the Pennsylvania abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, recently convicted of murder, is not an anomaly.

The interview was conducted on May 3, 2013 with clinic employees located in a different state. Though their descriptions are disturbing, the video images are non-graphic.

This is very tough to listen to. There's no graphic images but the way these women speak of the abortionist ripping heads off children is horrific, the way they say their toes moved while they were being killed, and about the baby who opened his eyes.

May God put an end to this.

*subhead*I'm sick.*subhead*

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Regina said...

sick just sick. Why would they work there!!!!!

Donna M said...

The abortion industry exists easily as a secure, stable revenue source for venture capitol investments. With little or NO oversight!
Most of the weasely owners and so called "doctors" maintain very low standards of practise! The "underling" clinic worker is not the "cream" of the healthcare profession! They are often the "least skilled" and many even lack viable work related expertise, for a reason.

Donna M said...
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Donna M said...



Magdalene said...

These women are heartless as well. They participated willingly for money and witnessed untold number of murders even of live children. Just because "I didn't know it was illegal after 24 weeks" is no excuse. They aided in the killings. The 'abortionist' is as sadistic as a Mengele but these women were insensitive too.

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