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Human Cloning is Back

*subhead*Lord, help us!*subhead*
It is time to get on our knees and pray.  Human cloning is back.

Once induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) hit the scene, human cloning slowly faded away. Why clone embryos with human eggs (exploiting women in the process) to get "patient-specific" embryonic stem cells when you can just take an adult cell and reprogram it back to an embryonic-like state? No eggs, no cloning, no creating and destroying embryos.

But I knew cloning was just hiding in the shadows waiting to resurface. Scientists are still trying to achieve this "holy grail" of human biology: the creation of human clones. Ones that generate embryonic stem cells

A team of scientists, including a fertility specialist (meaning IVF doc) from Japan, has done it. Not in some underground lab in China, but in the good old USA. Oregon to be exact.

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Donna M said...

Was awakened in the middle of the night recently and though very tired, immediately responded with prayer! While saying the rosary, I recalled a speaker on Immaculate Heart Radio (months before) talking about the successful genetic IVF production of a group of children with multiple biological parents. I only got to listen to the end of the discourse.
While praying I felt terrible sorrow! I asked for Divine Mercy for the human race! To reign down graces, mercies and forgiveness for the outrages of sin against the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts!

That is why I was very "suprised!" at the other most recent IVF posting!

We "are" a "creative" minority!
...and we do have the authority to act!

Our Lady's rosary and scapular are unfailing!
...each rosary is a an "unbreakable" chain linking humanity together!
It was asked for by Our Lady, before the Throne of the Triune God for our defense.
...and if you can do, but look at Jesus on the crucifix, remind him, totus tuus!

Thank You, Rebecca, Pat and Matt

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Donna. No one wants to clone your fat ass.

Anonymous said...

G. R. R. Martin couldn't write a better mythology than the shit you're spewing, Donna.

Also, does this mean I can clone a Jesus of my very own from the Shroud of Turin? Because that would be HOT.

Anonymous said...

You "are" a creative minority? So...you're not, then? These air quotes are confusing to me.

Rick said...

If we clone the Archbolds, our grandchildren can have CMR. That's not so bad, is it?

Anonymous said...

Donna M prostrated herself before the throne of the Triune God. Mother, maiden, crone gazed at her supine form with an undisguised disgust.

"Donna M of Rosary World 234-A, you have angered Us greatly. Your nightly dream-voyages through the tunnels threading Our collected demesne have violated protocol. Lesser lifeforms do not have the mental stamina to contemplate the Infinite Loop of Rosary; thus, its practice is heretical. Your prayers to Our Personhood (the one your limited understanding deems "Our Lady") will not be answered; human cloning will continue at its pace. Our farm worlds of Rosary require additional workers to be supplied by subjugated masses of human clones. Awake now and be surprised."

Mary De Voe said...

7:53, 8:16, 9:14 AND 10:06 are trolls breathing fire and brimstone and are too ignorant to recognize their condition. Please inform them that they can take their potty minds and mouths back to the sewer from whence they came.
I just came to thank Matt and Pat Archbold and especially Rebecca Taylor for her informative post which I was glad I had, to refute the less than intellectuals at yahoo news. Obama is using this to escape from the IRS, Benghazi scandals and the fact that Obama wanted to become emperor. Oh! too bad. I had to tell the swell heads at yahoo news that adult stem cells have been curing human disease for many years, and what Rebecca said, that the embryonic stem cell has the DNA from the donor egg cell wall. And that the embryonic stem cells have to be raised to adult stem cells to be used. Now, why wouldn’t the scientists let that be known? I also asked that no taxpayers’ money be given to them.
I hope to spend eternity praying the rosary. Rosary Victory

Anonymous said...

Mary: explain what disease is rotting your brain.

Anonymous said...

God Emperor Obama's dark form hulked sluglike in the vast underground complex of the Imperial Palace; his cranial skin, stretched and elongated with nodes of networked brain tissue, shone wetly in the pooled light of the hydrobaronics.

Mary Devoe gazed upward to the inverted face of the God Emperor, upturned mouth above upturned nose above luminous, all-seeing eyes. She noted, horrified, the vestigial withered limbs clustered like insect antennae above the ruinous remains of a chin; his body had altered to this form through the constant injection of embryonic stem cells in a quest for ever-increasing intellect and vision. It had worked; the God Emperor was omnipotent.

"Mary Devoe, I have seen you hiding in the dark sewers. I know you. I know you are the Kntiest Bicherach. I have altered the circumstances of your life to train you for the task at hand. You will be my concubine. Servants, prepare the nano-embryonics!"

Donna M said...

...hey A,
...out of charity, I must inform you,

Did you know that Jesus exorcised your "legion" into a herd of swine, who then, immediately drown themselves in the river?
...not the best outcome for the pigs!
Why do you follow a defeated enemy!
...talk about living in fantasy land!

...I'm still waiting patiently for you to smarten' up!
...I can wait for as looong as it takes!

...by the way,
...you called out the Blessed Mother!

...Her "army" is bigger, smarter and better equipped than yours is!...;)

Anonymous said...

The "blessed mother" is a dumb cunt.

Rick said...

Anonymous May 16, 2013 at 2:07 PM <-- must be Islamic who didn't have his goat for a day or 2

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