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I Totally Just Stole This Post from a Nun. Am I Going to Hell?

I was just over at the blog Nun Essential and she had something I liked so I stole it. That's how I roll. The awesome thing is that being a Catholic I can just go to confession later and clean all that messy stuff right out of my soul. Isn't Catholicism awesome?

I'll have to work on actually being sorry and all but I'll work up to it.

Thank you Sister Miriam for actually doing the heavy lifting and finding this really funny video from comedian Jim Gaffigan talking about what it's like having four kids. You've made my life easier and hey, isn't that what nuns are supposed to do.


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Christine Niles said...

If he thinks he had it hard, think of how the MOTHER feels...

Fr. Andrew said...

Great interview I saw a few days ago with Jim Gaffigan on this very bit. Turns out when they released the special they just found out they were expecting their fifth!

Gaffigan and Kids

Christine, he does mention in the video I post that his whole schtick as a comedian is the lazy man's point of view.

Suzanne Carl said...

LOVE Jim Gaffigan. My 12-year-old has memorized every routine we own through Amazon. If we stop home-schooling, there will be trouble in the classroom! Funniest comedian out there in my opinion. Even our Pastor recognized the Gaffigan lines our son repeated. We are such fans!!!

Donna M said...

...I don't get around much!

This guy, Jim is hilarious!

I know this is sooo wrong, nosy-ing around in Sister Miriam's "boodle stash", but come on, the gal can pick talent!

Bridget said...

Oh my gosh, that was AWESOME! Thanks for posting this. Jim Gaffigan had me as a fan since his bacon and camping bit, but this is equally excellent. :)

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