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Is the Pope Obsessed With Satan?

The Associated Press accused the Pope today of being "obsessed" with the devil. And now there's video purporting to show the Pope performing an exorcism in St. Peter's Square.

Both allegations seem to be untrue but that doesn't stop a good story. I just wish the media would obsess on reporting truth rather than pushing their worldview.

The AP actually reported in a news story about the supposed exorcism that the pope is obsessed with Satan. They point out that a recently taken video shows Pope Francis laying his hands on a man's head and the man having a very emotional and physical reaction. But the AP, knowing they have no actual evidence that this was indeed an exorcism, they try to place speculation where facts should be:

Fueling the speculation is Francis' obsession with Satan, a frequent subject of his homilies, and an apparent surge in demand for exorcisms among the faithful despite the irreverent treatment the rite often receives from Hollywood...

In his very first homily as pope on March 14, Francis warned cardinals gathered in the Sistine Chapel the day after he was elected that "he who doesn't pray to the Lord prays to the devil."

He has since mentioned the devil on a handful of occasions, most recently in a May 4 homily when in his morning Mass in the Vatican hotel chapel he spoke of the need for dialogue - except with Satan.
Ah. The pope has mentioned Satan so therefore he performed an exorcism. And oh yeah, he's clearly obsessed with Satan.

The Sun is even calling the video a "scandal."

Watch the video:

Vatican spokesperson Federico Lombardi is apparently telling the press that “The Holy Father did not intend to perform any exorcism...“As he often does with sick and suffering people who are presented to him, he simply intended to pray for the suffering person."


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Donna M said...

...and the Blessed Mother just "loves" him!..;)

ProudHillbilly said...

...and he obviously takes praying for and blessing of people very seriously.

The only "person" being scandalized by this is Satan.

Katalina said...

What this shows is that for the secular Media and Press like the infamous AP (Scandal Ridden) The honeymoon with Pope Francis is now after 2 months is now over and this proves it. I don't follow or listen or even read anything from the secular Press or Media and have not done so since 2009 since They appear to have their own agenda so they keep spinning things. Either follow independent media or Catholic media or both.

Suzanne Carl said...

I want the story to be true. The Pope is Catholic. He may have been told about the need for prayers of deliverance in advance. What could be wrong with the Pope doing an exorcism, not unlike the one included in a Baptism or Last rites? Does a general never see battle?

Proteios1 said...

My favorite line..."despite irreverent portrayals of the rite by Hollywood"
Because you know what determines Catholic liturgy, sacraments or anything else, it's how we are portrayed by that holier than thou entity...uh, Hollywood.
Just precious. And by that I mean, these bozos really believe he should be careful because of the entertainment industry.

Adfero said...

Read our post on Rorate. The vatican's top excorcist not only confirmed it was and excorcism, but that he finished the job this morning. Lombardi, as usual, was wrong.

RobJ said...

Maybe the Pope put his hands on the man's head, rather than the shoulders, because he is 76 and bending down lower is too painful? You know, like Occam's razor or something.

Av8er said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Av8er said...

@adfero, not sure I read it the same as you. Seems like Fr. Lombardi said the pope did not intend, meaning not planned on it but did it spontaneously due to the conversation he had with the priest behind the boy. He said he intended to pray for those suffering, like he did with the girl after the boy. I am no English major nor have I have seen anything else other than what was posted here. Not sure I would go as far as to say he lied.

Adfero said...

Lombardi did not confirm it, he never does on anything good, Fr Amorth confirmed it, as did the priest accompanying the man. Read out post on Rorate.

Mary De Voe said...

"Obsessed" bears the connotation that the Pope is unbalanced and I really resent the media inferring mental illness on the Pope because Our Holy Father loves his people. Hell, I hate this unequal and prejudicial reporting. When is the media going to learn that unless the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth is reported they are not jounalists and the newspaper is not a newspaper. God did not help these people to invent ink to abuse its use.

Mary De Voe said...

And the press would love to bury the Pope with the accusation that the Pope let the devil infest the man. It appears that the Associated Press needs to be exorcized. Get in line.

Brent said...

I say good for Pope Francis. The world needs to be reminded that Satan and evil does exist and we must protect ourselves from him and his minions. Just because the secular world doesn't want to hear about Satan doesn't make the Pope obsessed for mentioning him.

If Satan's great power comes from making the world believe he doesn't exist, then I say "Go Pope Francis!" for calling him out.

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