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Live Action Goes Undercover in Late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart's Office

Leroy Carhart is a late-term abortionist. Live Action went undercover in his office. Horror ensues.

Please watch this:


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Anonymous said...

Lie Action. Editorial comment or ironic typo?


melody said...

Let's keep posting and sharing this stuff. Unprecedented advances in the pro-life movement are happening right now. Planned Parenthood suspends all surgical abortion in the state of Delaware... incredible! Let's keep the pressure on and keep praying for soldiers like Lila Rose.

Sebastian said...

Waiting for Mark Shea to criticize you for supporting Live Action

Blackrep said...

Here's the part I don't get: the video seems to treat the death of Jennifer Morbelli as some sort of tragedy. This is a woman who walks willingly into the hands of monsters with the sole purpose of murdering her 8 month old preborn baby. All of these late term babies have mothers seeking to kill them, despite massive social services, despite lines of couples begging to adopt, despite knowing, in this age of science, that they're plotting to murder a live, moving human being. They are unaffected by social stigma.

It's A-OK with me to expose these monster "physicians", but it is madness, sickness, and deep evil in the heart of women who do such things. I am sick to death of pro-life activists who consistently portray abortive women as wronged victims, thus removing the stigma of procuring abortion. Women, in their vanity, selfishness, sensuality, and carelessness, are the drivers of the gruesome engine of abortion. How do we know? Post-abortive, contrite women, seeking forgiveness, have told us so. These are things we never hear at rallies or from pulpits. But, they are true. Our repulsion for these women has been effectively removed, courtesy, in part, of the pro-life movement.

God bless Live Action. Now I wish they would stick their buttonhole cameras in the faces of the moms as they justify these decisions to boyfriends, husbands, parents and friends.

Lynda said...

We are all hugely indebted to Lila Rose and the other human rights defenders that exposé the systematic killing of our brothers and sisters in utero. No one can claim they don't know what monstrous cruelty goes on continually in those "abortion clinics".

Donna M said...

....abortionists, clinics (pp), and supporters are actually outlaws!!!

....an abortionist need only be a dermatologist to practice!

....and now, the government gestapo (Obama, Biden, Cuomo, Pelosi,..) want surgical procedures done by nurse practioners (with no surgical or medical licensure)!
.....blows a hole in their abortion platform arguement to keep abortion safe, legal and "rare" right out of the water!
....they don't even follow "standardized" medical practises, due processes and procedures!
....they lied then, they lie now, and will continue to lie with no accountability!
....you would think, they would "choke" on their own foul gall!

....by present government standards, these people are "terrorists"!

....exposition, better late then "NEVER"!

Anonymous said...

Wow... Thats all I can say.....

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