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Man Arrested for Slipping Girlfriend Abortion Pill

A Florida man has been arrested by federal authorities on first degree murder charges for allegedly tricking his girlfriend into taking abortion pills and killing their unborn child.

John Andrew Welden, 28, reportedly switched his girlfriend's antibiotics with Cytotec, an abortion pill he reportedly had obtained from his father, an ob-gyn.

Remee Lee went to the hospital on Easter Sunday due to painful cramping and bleeding. There she was told that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. Lee had fully intended to keep the baby. In fact, she said that it was her determination to have a healthy baby that Welden played on by urging her to take what he told her were anti-biotics.

Lee reportedly called the abortion drug Welden's "weapon of choice."

After examining the pills she believed to be an antibiotic, doctors discovered they were actually abortion pills.

Weldon had allegedly took Lee to see his father, the ob-gyn, when she learned she was pregnant. Weldon showed up the next day at her house telling her that tests showed she had an infection and would need to take the antibiotics for a few days. That day was Good Friday.

Reportedly, the last post on Welden's Facebook page simply reads, "Please pray for me."

Ironically, the website of the father's medical office boasts of helping infertile women conceive.



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Anonymous said...

How long before we hear of people slipping over-the-counter plan B to women with similar malicious intent? And can we trust 15 year old girls to not behave this way?

Donna M said...

I can only "hope" she will sue the "bleep" out of both of them! You can add conspiracy charges too, besides getting the father's medical license "revoked"!
...but, she will probably end up "marrying" the jerk!

matthew archbold said...

According to news reports she is suing.

Donna M said...

...Thank You!

ProudHillbilly said...

So because she wanted the child it was an "unborn baby". If she hadn't and had obtained and taken the pills it wouldn't have been?

I must say that I didn't do nearly enough drugs in the 60s to be able to wrap my mind around what passes for logic these days.

Anonymous said...

Oh, women are so free now! Our sacrosanct right to choose shines like a beacon. I'm glad we don't have those chauvanistic pigs telling us what to do. How liberating. As soon as evey taxpayer is forced to pay for these pills to be handed out like candy, well, we'll be in clover.


Rick said...

Obama FDA must be held accountable for releasing these dangerous drugs.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

May God have mercy on us all.

Michelle Jehanne said...

Scary. Cytotec isn't even listed as an abortion drug in most instances. Its most common use is to be given to pregnant women to induce labor. Makes me wonder what it's actually doing to their bodies in those cases.

Anonymous said...

As long as they charge him with something other than any sort of "murder", fine with me. Just don't call it homicide, because it ISN'T. You people are such drama queens. What he did sucks, but it's not "murder".

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the OB/GYN be complicit in this crime if he supplied the pills to his son?

Michael said...

Hey, 'judelawguardian" it's called fetal homicide and it IS murder in 50 states. Fla. Stat. Ann. § 782.09 defines murder as "the willful killing of an unborn quick child by any injury to the mother." No drama, just fact.

Siobhan said...

"I must say that I didn't do nearly enough drugs in the 60s to be able to wrap my mind around what passes for logic these days."

I didn't either. Thanks for the smile in the midst of this horror.

ProudHillbilly said...

judelawguardian - Murder is defined as "the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought". Unless you have more powerful fairy dust than anyone else, you can't prove that a human being exists 1 minute after birth but not 1 minute before. The estimated 44,000 abortion survivors living in the U.S. today were just as human when an abortionist tried to murder them as they are now.

Kimberly Hall said...

This is a very horrible incident. If this guy wasn't ready then he could just leave Lee alone and let her be the one to care for their baby. It is her choice to keep it. Each and everyone of us has a choice and if Lee decided to keep their baby alive then he should let it be. No one can decide for us than ourselves.- www.femicaresurgery.com

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