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MSW: Reason Obama Wants To Kill Babies Is 'Cause Bishops Are Meanies

I don't write about the ramblings of Michael Sean Winters at the National Catholic Reporter too often because he, they, are terribly boring. Terribly.

But this paragraph really caught my eye because it is indicative of the mental and moral backflips that these people will do to justify their support of those who support the culture of death.

Mr. Winters has figured out why Mr. Obama is so virulently anti-life, why he has supported infanticide, why he lied and entrenched abortion and contraception as government handouts, why he will make Christians support abortion. See all these things that Obama supports are not his fault. Whose fault then? The Bishops of course.

The Bishops were so mean to Obama he basically had no choice to turn all the wheels of government into baby killing machines.

Hassan discounts Obama’s rhetoric about finding common ground to lower the abortion rate, which was on frequent display in 2008, and again at his commencement address at Notre Dame. Instead of taking up the President's offer to seek common ground,, many bishops talked about the President like he was a dog at the time of that Notre Dame speech, so perhaps he can be forgiven for thinking the pro-life community was not interested in finding common ground and, concluded, he had better abandon the search for common ground and double down with abortion supporters. Politically, this turned out to be the correct decision. At the time of the HHS mandate controversy, Democrats effectively talked about a “war on women,” which wasn’t true, but a lack of truthfulness rarely diminishes the power of a phrase to whip up the base. For example, President Obama is not, in any meaningful sense, engaged in a “war on religion” either, but that phrase was used to whip up the base on the other side of the political ledger too. But, how will we ever affect a change in the politics of this issue if we bite any out-stretched hand?
Sorry MSW, anybody who could write that paragraph is not pro-life and they are not Catholic. Such sentiments can only be expressed by partisan hacks and willful enablers of the party of death. That's you Mikey, a willful enabler of the party of death.

MSW wrote this article in response to a CNA article that called him a "reluctant combatant" in the culture wars and of "soul searching" on the issue of abortion. MSW has made it clear that these accusations are false. MSW and NCReporter are willful combatants in the culture war, but they are on the other side and any pretense at soul searching is long over.

They are the other side.
*subhead*Willful enablers of death.*subhead*

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Anonymous said...

This is the fundamental grounding of the Commonweal crowd, as well. The reason Obama *seems* to be okay w/abortion is cause the bishops pushed him away. Mean bishops.

Fr Bill Peckman said...

Wow. Just Wow. The love affair the left has with Obama is staggering. I cannot be surprised that such drivel is being said. I just wrote on my own blog an article that goes completely in the opposite direction. How this guy can call himself Catholic is beyond me.

Jonathan Boothby said...

It's not our place to decide who is and is not Catholic. While I believe Cannon 915 should be applied liberally, pun intended, until it is these people should be prayed for because they are our brethren.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Michael Sean Winters is, to put it politely, a piece of work. He's nothing but an ideological whore. He even wrote that Sarah Palin was an "apostate" because, though she was baptized as a Catholic as an infant, she began going to a Pentecostal church with her parents when she was 8 years old!!

I wrote the following article about his nonsense:

Winters is the kind of man George Orwell warned the readers of "1984" about: the idealogue who will disregard or bend the facts to serve his own ideological agenda.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

One dare not find "common ground" with Moloch and King Herod. Murdering babies is wrong.

Fr Bill Peckman said...

Jonathan, are you saying that there should be little to no criteria for what constitutes 'catholic'? While we would like to have all who claim to be Catholic to fully be our brethern, the actual fact is that some have so compromised their faith that the fulness deteriorates. Catholic teaching is what it is...it is not a buffet nor a half right thing that needs compromise with this world.

Proteios1 said...

So this writer from NCR has essentially said that Obama is a politician reflecting the styles of Hitler or Stalin ( and many dictators) who ruthlessly target their political adversaries. Who want to, not just kill them, but watch them suffer and squirm before the inevitable and horrifying death. Tat was my take home message.

Jonathan Boothby said...

Fr, I'm not saying that at all, I'm just saying that we don't get to make that call, the Bishops do. Trust me, as a convert from Evangelical protestantism I was shocked to learn that this 5th column existed but at the end of the day the Bishop gets to make the final call. I'm sure these small c catholics would say that no one who reads this blog is really Catholic or that preferring the EF mass makes you less Catholic. As a member of the laity I don't have the authority to declare something like that, I just have the ability to pray for people who need it.

Donna M said...


....Obama is a (feral) dog.

....as is with all "vile" abortionists, who as animals, "choose" to act "less" than human, become "feral", run around on all four legs, back bite, yap and howl at the moon, gorging themselves on carrion, and return, time and time again, to their own vomit!

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