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Nuns Get Back on the Bus - For Immigration Reform

On the heels of the Vatican criticizing the LCWR for largely ignoring matters of life, marriage and sexuality while focusing solely on "social justice" issues, the Nuns on the Bus are back at it again, this time they're riding their bus around for immigration reform, according to NJ.com

Nuns on the Bus, a project of the national Catholic social justice lobby Network, kicked off their 40-city, 6,500-mile bus ride at Liberty State Park in Jersey City this morning. The tour ends at San Francisco's Angel Island, the Ellis Island of the west coast.

Sister Simone Campbell of Washington, D.C., one of the leaders of the group, said the immigration project has "taken on a life of its own." Last year, the group engaged in a bus tour that was focused on raising the public's consciousness about poverty.

"It's important to cast light on the 11 million people living in the shadows because they're undocumented," said Sister Arlene Flaherty about this year's road trip.

"We're a country of immigrants," added Sister Elaine Betancourt.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, who joined about 50 people yesterday to give the nuns a send-off, said Americans have "collective amnesia," and forget that family members passed through Ellis Island.

"I believe in a strong and faithful America that can do the right thing," said Sister Mary Ellen Lacey.
Hey maybe, they could stop off at some abortion clinics on the way and say a prayer or two. They could even leave the bus idling for a few minutes. They don't even have to find a parking spot. Just hop out and say a prayer. No?

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Michael said...

...and forget that family members passed through Ellis Island.

Yes, and in so doing they were processed and entered the country legally as legal, documented immigrants. Funny how that works.

Rick said...

Dumb nuns on the bus being tools to reward lawlessness and perpetuate the Democrat's control in US politics. Do these wenches have any apostolates besides hamming the camera? Did they enter religious life to hurt the People of God?

Mack Hall, HSG said...

"Raising consciousness" too often translates as "taking a vacation and tricking other people into paying for it."

Some of my ancestors were fishing from the sandbar when the other ancestors paddled up the creek; all of 'em predate Ellis Island. When did Ellis Island become such a predictable plot-character-setting element when in fact it applies to few Americans?

Siobhan said...

They’re just Marxists masquerading as Catholics.

Donna M said...

...masquerading as Religious, the pagan, ghaia, "government" secular sisters!

...hey, I get it!

Authentic faith and belief in the "authority of the Church" is just a hobby!
The "real" practice is glorifying themselves on a fun filled, whirlwind, road trip of pseudo social work through America!

Instead of riding a broom, they "ride" a bus!

Entertainment galore, hob-nobbin' with the the most scandalous and anti-Catholic rhetoric they can "conjure" up!

Somehow feel so diminished by the rogue "girls on the bus".

susan said...

They might stop at abortion mills, but it'll be to deathscort women inside.

Donna M said...

...these clucking chuckle heads are the true apostates that make it all up as they go along, to get along.

...please, dear sisters,
...in the spirit of giving my "best" regards,

...while your winging the little love bus westard to the "abomination" destination, to San Fran and Nancy Pelosi, don't stop partying and rabble rousing!

...until you all, drive that thing right off the pier into the deep blue Pacific!

Mary Kay said...

I wonder how they saved up for the trip? And they must get more vacation time then I do. That kind of leisure must be nice: 'Well, what do you want to do this summer, girls?' 'ROAD TRIP!'

Joni Rana said...

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