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Pope to Nuns: Don't Be Old Maids

In what is now a recurring theme, the Pope expresses his opposition to Church careerists that would use the religious life to further personal or political ambitions.

In an address to the International Union of Superiors General the Pope told the 800 sisters gathered that they must be spiritual mothers and not "old maids."

Pope Francis has told nuns from around the world that they must be spiritual mothers and not "old maids."

Francis also warned the sisters against using their vocations for personal ambition, saying priests and sisters who do so "do more harm to the church."
Vatican Pope.JPEG

Francis has complained frequently about such "careerism" in the church — a buzzword that is frequently used to describe Holy See bureaucrats.

The pope made the comments during an audience Wednesday with about 800 sisters attending an assembly of the International Union of Superiors General, which gathers the leaders of women's religious orders from some 75 countries.
Once again I call for the banning and burning of that eternal sign of careerism and personal ambition, the pantsuit must die!

*subhead*The pantsuit must die!*subhead*

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Anne said...

Yes, and get back to wearing your habits Sisters...

Michael said...

But..but..what will Hillary wear????

priest's wife said...


in the Byzantine rite- all sisters are called Mother once they make final vows

Anonymous said...

LCWR & nuns on bus not old maids, maybe dikes?

Anonymous said...

Priests wife; it's a regional thing. In Latin America/Spanish-speaking cultures nuns are called "madre"/mother as well.

Anonymous said...

Was $i$ter Millionai.., er, Carol Keehan in the audience?

And sisters drop the dumpy grandma look, too.

Anonymous said...

If the religious women from LCWR spent as much time praying as they did complaining about not having as much power as priests, what a wonderful, holy group of women they would be!

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