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Publix Commercial Is Pro-Mom and Pro-Life

You're going to love this commercial honoring mothers from the store Publix. Take a look:


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Unknown said...

I miss Publix... :-)

Anonymous said...

Made me teary : )

Suzanne Carl said...

Nothing brings tears to my eyes, but this did. Simply lovely.

Bridget said...

I love shopping at Publix! They have the best coupon policy around, the best and most helpful employees, and the cleanest stores. "Where shopping is a pleasure" isn't just a catchphrase for them. And their ads are always well done.

Rick said...

The ad was awesome. It wasn't trying to be a tear jerker but it turned out to be subtly yet powerfully touching.

I always recall and appreciate the 5 children that my wife "gave" to me. I can only imagine the how ordeal felt. So, I try to make it just as special, if not more, as her birthday or Christmas or our wedding anniversary.

Blackrep said...

What is this salty liquid coming out of my eyes?

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