"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The Death Of Europe, Part XXXVII

These are but the beginning of the first twinges of birth pangs that will eventually convulse Europe and the world.

A soldier brutally hacked to death on the streets of Britain in full view of an infirm citizenry. But no worries, the nation that used to be Britain will bring to justice any and all tweeters that are not sufficiently sensitive while discussing their attackers.

Across the channel in socialist France, another soldier was attacked on the street by a man of unknown origins and motivations dressed possibly in North African garb. This soldier was actually on duty patrolling a neighborhood of people of unknown origins and motivations upset after France's intervention in Mali. Who could of thought in advance that allowing a whole subset of people who refuse to integrate to take over entire parts of your city to the point where police refuse to enter there could eventually be a problem?

Talking a left and heading a little north, we get to Sweden. In Stockholm, thousands of people are rioting over the fact that police had the good sense to shoot a machete wielding man of unknown origins and motivations. Rioters of unknown origins and motivations have been torching cars in protest. The police, apparently all full up on their quota for actual police work, are committed to containing the violence by doing nothing.

However, it would be beyond foolish to find any thread connecting these stories or to suggest that this is a exemplary of a pattern of cultural demise.

I don't wish to exaggerate the pathetic situation in Europe, they are tackling the big issues there. Recently the European parliament, displaying the kind of leadership deserving of so many Europeans, banned restaurants across the continent from serving olive oil in dishes.

Don't we all feel just a bit safer now?


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Proteios1 said...

Olive oil, healthcare mandates and gay "marriages"...oh, and 40oz soft drinks....these are the issues of our day. Meanwhile, in the 'do not look behind the curtain' of our governments islamists are getting as much 'cultural sensitivity' as any group ever, while behaving like some toxic mix between a serial killer and a belligerent teenager. Meanwhile, that groups that provided the fertile soil for all of the western world to grow is the pariah that is openly mocked, ridiculed and targeted for the exultant culture war.
It's so bizarre I can only imagine I woke up one day and ended up in bizarro world. We laud the murderers and punish the pacifists?
I'd offer a stern warning, but I think they are either too stupid to understand the real situation or they know and we simply don't know what they are up to.

Katalina said...

I think the reason why the Europe as well as the US is seeing this kind of thing right now is more than just "they hate us for our freedoms" but rather our foreign policy ever since 911 when this endless "war on terror" started. Let us face the facts for almost a whole century we have been (and still are)interfering in their affairs like the Muslim did in Britain who complained about British Troops in Afganistan was a warning sign.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Katalina, you are making excuses for barbarians. The 9/11 attacks weren't an issue when terrorists tried to destroy the World Trade Center in 1993! Those attacks aren't an issue when it comes to the Koran's injunctions against Jews and Christians, injunctions that motivate today's Islamists.

Islam is nothing but religious Nazism. It's entire purpose is to subjugate, dominate and enslave the non-Muslim world.

tuleesh said...

Charles Martel must be spinning in his grave.

Frankly, Islamists are following to the letter the mandates of their Scripture, which abrogates what was written before. Chapter/Sura 9 of the Koran pretty much sums up the Islamic theological view for using violence to make Islam dominant.

The reasons they give are more believable than someone else's "guesses" or opinions. Just ask Anjum Chaudhree, Taliban Tweeters, Muslim BroHood, and any Islamist who wants Sharia Law installed all over the world.

And if they have to use Western freedoms, rights, and errors.. So Be It. It's the Ummah, you know.

Move on, folks. Move on. Nothing to see here.

tuleesh said...

P.S. So must all the Heroes of Lepanto [October 7, 1571], the Siege of Vienna, the Battle of Vienna [Which began on September 11, 1683] be spinning in their graves, too! Our Lady, Help of Christians, Pray for us.

Notice the dates. In 2001 Muslims attack US on 9-11. The US then attacks the Taliban in Afghanistan, October 7.

Donna M said...



The battle of Lepanto has "never" been over for muslims!

Now let's get out those rosaries, and wear the brown scapular...;)
The Lepanto of the modern age awaits our engagement!

Salve Regina Caeli!

Magdalene said...

Unknown origin my foot. These attacks all over the world that is fomenting civil war is from those followers of a certain so called prophet and the name of the cult means submission.

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