"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The FDA is Pulling 14 Year Olds to the Dark Ages or Something

A note from a 14 year old distressed by the FDA's decision:

Today, the FDA like totally trampled over the rights of 14 year olds everywhere by ok'ing selling the so-called morning after pill to only those 15 years or older. What? Like OMG! It's like they're almost saying 14 year olds aren't allowed abortions now? Do they actually want us all popping out babies and like dragging them around to homeroom and Social Studies and stuff?

It's the randomness that's most insulting. A girl who turns 15, has a birthday bash, drinks a little too much hand sanitizer, and hooks up with the backup forward for the 8th grade basketball team can get a quickie aborsh without ever telling her Mom and her boyfriend. But a girl at the same party who was born a week later has no access to an over-the counter abortion? How unfair is that? What kind of medieval backward thinking is that? The FDA is pulling 14 year olds back to the dark ages.

Seriously, why 15 year olds? And the better question is how many 15 year olds have ID? And will pharmacists be prosecuted for selling the morning after pill to 14 year olds?

When they say they want abortion safe, legal and rare do they mean not for fourteen year olds over the counter. I mean, if there's nothing wrong with abortion why limit it?

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Lynda said...

Satanic attack on children, parents and sanctity of human life all in one! Blessed Michael the Archangel defend us in the hour of conflict ...

Anonymous said...

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Mary De Voe said...

Sounds like it is written by an adult, a pro-abortion adult.

Mary De Voe said...

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is militating for informed sexual consent for fourteen year olds. She got it in several states. Now, if we can only get fourteen year olds to pay taxes our debt may be lessened.

Donna M said...

....get ready for the "new birth control" for teens!!!

....it will be taken before the event, as not to "forget!"...added to alcohol and other drugs, as the new cocktail!!!!!

....just how many doses can a girl take of this cr@p!!!...safely?????

....does the known, often irresponsible behavior of teens have any rational bearing on the idiocy of government?????

....I hope the drug companies get the "BLEEP!" sued out of them!!!!

.....beyond disgusted and pathetic!!!!

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Patrick McGoohan's THE PRISONER didn't know 33% of it.

aly said...

Inviting yet more sexual abuse of minors. I am a Catholic Separatist. The government is out of my life. That includes the Israeli government. and Israeli Spokesman Sean Hannity and Fox News.
Look at some of Israeli laws and practices. Another permissive society. They use "God's Chosen People" in the most cynical way.

Proteios1 said...

Speaking as a dad and my daughters protector, I think anything that takes a parent out of the decision making process over something like this for a minor is creepy and disturbing. The matter of fastness of this whole subject is just wrong.

For our government to take over healthcare is one thing, for them to take over parenting is another, even fouler smelling thing.

Donna M said...

....oh, by the way,

.....this is not going to help protect or gaurd against drug resistant venereal diseases....

.....which are more likely, going to "GREATLY" increase!!!!

aly said...

For example: A Dutch member of Parliament wants to legalize pedophilia. During the 1990's Denmark was said to be the largest producers of child pornography. The are academics promoting this hideous perversion.

Bill Meyer said...

When this story broke, the first thought that occurred to me was that as 15 year olds routinely do not have ID, then by making it legal for 15, they are effectively removing a low age limit. It becomes a judgment call for the store. Yet the same child--yes, child--cannot be given an aspirin at school.


aly said...

Here I said in the 1990's Denmark was found to be the largest producer of child pornography. I meant Holland.

aly said...

Just today I heard that a recent report in the Netherlands/Holland says that pornography is not harmful. RT News t.v. or rtnews.com . If I had the misfortune of living there my children would be under lock and key.

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