"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The Media's Controlled Burn

Do you know what a controlled burn is? It is when forest managers start or allow a fire to burn in a controlled fashion. Why do they do this? To remove the fuel for an uncontrolled fire that would be much more destructive.

What the media is doing right now is a controlled burn. They are allowing the IRS scandal and the AP calls scandal to be reported on in an effort to save Obama and key administration officials from the uncontrolled fire that is Benghazi.

The Benghazi scandal goes all the way to the top and to the chief executive literally and figuratively asleep at the wheel and the purposeful lies that he and others told to cover it up. Benghazi is the one scandal that goes all the way to the top, the one that could really hurt, and this is why the media has done everything in their power to ignore it and minimize it for the last 9 months. But despite their heroic efforts to cover for the president, the truth behind the story has been getting out anyway and prompting many uncomfortable if yet unanswered questions.

But the media knows that these other scandals do not reach the White House in any meaningful way, so they are comfortable covering them. This way they can continue to minimize, misreport, and ingore Benghazi with the cover of being able to say "Look! We aren't ignoring scandals! We covered the IRS scandal and we covered the AP scandal, this proves we don't cover for the president!"

But this is all just a controlled burn. They are trying burn these fires to remove the potential fuel from the American people, a fuel that if lit could burn uncontrollably.

The media have not changed. They are not suddenly interested in truth. The coverage of these minor scandals are just insulation from the fire that really scares them. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

*subhead*Saving Obama.*subhead*

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Suzanne Carl said...

I disagree. The reason they are concerned about the IRS and the Associated Press stories is because they are about money and their own employment. Benghazi and the Gosnell trial are about real lives, and that is something they cannot understand.

Anonymous said...

Keep going, you're just about to push the DeaconJR article off the front page...

ann said...

Patrick, you are so right! It is all smoke and mirrors to make us forget about Bengazi and Gosnel and the actual loss of life that we have been incurring every day of this present administration. Money can be "created" in any number of ways but the tragic loss of innocent life is gone forever and that is what they fear!

Scotty8775 said...

Your right Suzanne

Scotty8775 said...

Your right Suzanne

Rick said...

Agree. They're distracting the public from the treason or at the very least the criminal negligence committed at Benghazi. And if justice is going to be served, then the penalties are impeachment - at the very least and capital punishment at the most. The Liberal media is in denial.

akg41470 said...

Pray tell, Rick, what laws have been broken by anyone involved that would warrant those sentences? Seems like you know what happened and what the law is, could you describe the specific laws broken here that would warrant impeachment or capital punishment? Very curious.

Rick said...

There is no one more blind as one who refuses to see.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, controlled burn for the Gosnell case and abortion, too.

By the way, on the "Live Action, Lying, Catechism": If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic and say "I'm HAVING an abortion" just to get information out that would be lying. But what if you went there and said instead that "I'd like to CONSULT about an abortion" - and you did consult about, but just didn't get, an abortion - is that lying? I don't think so.

There are creative ways to go undercover without lying.

I'm not hearing any lies from Live Action on their videos, they were just asking questions. But then, what do I know...

akg41470 said...

Rick, that's not an answer. I'd really like for you to answer my question, I'm curious as to your thought process here. If you're proposing the death penalty for someone, I'm really curious as to your reasoning.

I'm willing to have a reasoned discussion if you are.

Mary De Voe said...

At first take the filth and garbage off at anon: 8:50P.M.
The bloodlust of the attackers at Benghazi intended to kill the United States but only reached our ambassador and his aides. The attackers attacked the sovereignty of the U.S.intending to kill each and every citizen. For Obama to sell us out is treason. Had the attackers killed Obama they would have killed each and every citizen, but they killed Obama's representative. Obama did not lift a finger to save his constituents, as though his representation of us did not exist. We all died at Benghazi and Obama denied us.

Mary De Voe said...

Recalling an ambassador is a very strong statement made to the world community that a country needs to be sanctioned. Sending an ambassador and trying to establish an embassy while all other countries were vacating was grand standing by Hillary Clinton for the 2016 election. Not sending help while the ambassador was under attack has no valid excuse. Hillary was using people as though they were expendable merchandise. Reminds me of Vince Foster.

Anonymous said...

Mary, you ARE filth and garbage. How was your most recent lesbian tryst?

akg41470 said...

Mary, you've claimed a lot in your last two posts, let me address one of the first ones: "For Obama to sell us out is treason".

Are you claiming that the President had personal contact with the attackers previous to the attack? This is the only thing I can gather from your phrasing vis-a-vis "sell out", and this is a rather large claim. Do you have anything to show that this would be true?

Donna M said...

President plausible deniabily,
top administration officers,

...can't be bothered to know what is going on!
...or get their hands dirty with underling work!
The amount of scandalous incidences in obama's administration are starting to pile up like corpses! Somebody is bound to notice sometime!

When obama opens his mouth it's surreal!
Feigned cluelessness and faked outrage!
Like when he pushes off the troubles of his drama onto a nebulous cloud, hoping it will float away into the vacuum of space! Never to be seen or heard of again!

The white house press corp is really p o'd!
The push back is only beginning.
He made a terrible mistake betraying AP news corp.

Hey, obama when are you going to let "joe" come up for air? He been lost in the vacuum of space long enough! He isn't dead? is he?

Donna M said...

...hey A,

Inviting you to visit a muslim site.
Give them the same drama.
Let us all know how you did!

I'll even change your "dressings" for you.
I have excellent wound care skills!

Marhaba, masalama!

Proteios1 said...

You crack me up. Whiny little atheists and their cowardly type "bravely" submit anonymous comments and troll Christian sites and not islamic sites for the same reason PETA members throw blood on rich women in fur coats and not bikers in leather jackets. They are cowards. And their value system is like a weathervane...whichever way the wind blows.

Also, the media might as well just be an advocacy group.

Anonymous said...

All Muslims are terrorists.
They might not know it yet.
But when "Allah" calls,
They will fight.

Allahu Akbar
Is a Trap

Anonymous said...


Lynda said...

Wake up, Americans, and stop relying on the Government's propaganda arm, the MSM, for your disinformation. Do some research while its still possible. Start thinking critically. Study history, particularly history of how Governments stage terrorist attacks to further their agenda, etc. You didn't really think Fast and Furious was the Administration's only gun-running in recent years, did you??? The Administration has been actively working for "regime-change" in Syria for several years, with Benghazi as a major centre of operations. The Administration knew exactly what it was doing when it repeatedly ordered stand downs when the "consulate" came under lethal attack.

Lynda said...

Please highlight the unjust appeal court decision against the Romeike family and ask people to spread word about their case and sign the White House petition.

Anonymous said...

Lynda, please take your meds. You're acting crazy again.

Donna M said...

...beloved peer...;)

You and the rest of us "must" be doing something right to get so much vile blowback!
....the"A" troll must certainly be experiencing all the prayers from us, to him!
He is obviously, not in a secure place nor in a good frame of mind!
....yes, he is a disrespectful, uninformed, foul mouthed, ignorant, devolved, sacrilegeous little "twit"!
....lacking poor judgement and not presenting good decision making skills!
....he must be a little more than upset, that his gaurdian angel has him by his tail!
...and tied it in a knot to the "millstone" around his neck!

Lynda, let's wait briefly, before calling on Mary, undoer of knots!...;)

Anonymous said...

Prayer's driving someone crazy, but it's not we anons. WE ARE LEGION.

Anonymous said...

Donna M, stop being a worthless woman. Also, I am glad to hear I am "lacking poor judgement." ;-)

Proofread next time, you stupid bitch.

Also, your prayers are much appreciated. I enjoy receiving them while being anally penetrated by my homosexual lover, J├ęsus. His large member throbs with pleasure at your prayer.

Rick said...

The stand down order that halted all rescue efforts can only be given by the POTUS. That is material treason as it aids and abets the enemy.

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