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The Most Biased and Nasty Interview with Lila Rose

Take Action News, the brainchild of former MSNBC host David Shuster, claims to be "a nonpartisan, independent digital news service" which reports news "without political bias."

Given that, please check out the most unprofessional, nasty, and bewilderingly stupid "news" interview with Lila Rose of Live Action. I honestly don't know how she does it. Her patience must know no bounds.

It's over nine minutes long and it's so sloppily done in the first minute or two but you've got to compare the questions the host gives to the pro-abort as opposed to the nasty and uninformed accusations he directs at Lila Rose. And the last few minutes the host actually gets worse.

Check it out:


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Proteios1 said...

Yes. He wears a certain bias on his sleeve, but he seems more uninformed and perhaps ignorant of the details of the issue (like any true journalist or news reader) than anything else. If anything he adopts the standard mainstream bias. It just shows you where this culture is and the angle from which it examines issues 'unbiasedly'. The same unbiased reporter discussing this 80 years ago (if such a thing were to be debated) would 'objectively' think the notion of killing children in the womb was utter insanity. Objective in media isn't objective in truth.

Lynda said...

All saints and angels pray for Lila and all others actively fighting for our babies and our souls and exposing the horrible truth of the systematic murder of millions upon millions of our innocent children every year. Viva Lila Rose!!!

Dolce said...

I wish the pro-choicer would be more honest about her assessment. Did she even read the grand jury report? Other abortionists RECOMMENDED the women see Gosnell, and his clinic was investigated but no one bothered to do anything about his clinic because they did not want to impede abortion access.

Jonathan said...

Wow, that was just like Jesus arguing with the hypocrites about who was their father.

Anonymous said...

The cameraman missed focus. This video hurts my eyes. It will probably hurt my ears too.

Jeremy said...

That was unnerving. How can people think so selfishly and illogically? Lila has some special grace to remain silent on the line while being personally attacked, then calmly point it out. I would have started yelling and losing my top at their stupidity shortly into that interview, sadly. May God pour His blessings out on that woman. She's far braver than I.

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