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Video: The First Cohabitation Ceremony

Funny 'cause it's true. If there were a cohabitation ceremony it would look something like this:

HT Catholic Memes

*subhead*I kinda' do.*subhead*

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BurgoFitzgerald said...

The funny thing is that I think many MARRIAGES fall under the second ceremony. I actually KNOW of married couples who pretty well are living the second set of vows.

Long-Skirts said...

Once Upon

The home that was
Is now a house
Empty with
A so-called spouse.

Filled with things
Americans dream
A sybaritic sterile

Walls all white
No finger smudge
Of course good neighbors
Do not judge.

All are glad
Their seed they spray
Upon the dirt
In early May…

So by mid-June
All lawns are green
On street where child’s
Not heard or seen.

BurgoFitzgerald said...

Long Skirts, I just read your amazing poem on Father Dwight's blog! This is another great one. Do you have these published anywhere?

Cathy D said...

This made me think of the POSSLQ poem by Charles Osgood.I don't know how to insert a link into the comments, but you can find it at: http://2000clicks.com/graeme/LangPoetryFunnyPOSSLQ.htm

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