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Weird Pro-Abort Ad Has Men's Voices Coming out of Women

This weird pro-abort ad in favor of Governor Andrew Cuomo's radical abortion agenda has women speaking but with men's voices. Aside from the gender-bending aspects that the left seems so fond of, isn't one of the main arguments against the eeeeevil patriarchy is that it doesn't give women a voice. But for this ad, that's a good thing? Not sure I'm following.

Look, men and women are different. They just are.

There's no doubt that many women are at a disadvantage in the workplace because some men are jerks. Many of the guys in the boardroom are the same guys who stood in the corner of the gym at the prom too scared to talk to the girls. But legalizing baby killing doesn't make some men less jerky. In fact, abortion on demand offers jerky men the opportunity to be even jerkier to women.

The ad forwards the old trope that if men could have babies then abortion would be seen as awesomely cool by one and all. That's because feminists are desperate to keep your attention off the baby. Abortion is just about women's rights, you see. Ignore the body count.


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Blackrep said...

"It's time we speak for ourselves" pleads the video, yet the COMMENTS ARE DISABLED. Fail.

Proteios1 said...

There is inequality between genders in areas there shouldn't be. Of that we can all agree. No one should be harassed or get less pay for their work. But there are a few problems with discussing things we agree on and associating things that are incorrect.
1. Getting behind the male governors agenda is women speaking for themselves? Really? The strange doublestandards the left has in mocking this exact same thing if it were a republican (also useless) or a priest.
2. Reproductive health means making sure everything works properly. Contraceptive pills disrupt a properly working menstrual cycle. Aorta on disrupts a properly working reproductive event. Calling that reproductive health is like me taking steroids to enhance my muscles and calling it men's health. It's not.
3. And feminists..stop saying you don't need men and women can do it themselves. That's a big part of the reason so many single women with children are in poverty. Men and women need each other. Declaring otherwise has hurt women greatly. Please stop.

Donna M said...


Mary Kay said...

Whoa. That is disturbing on so many fronts, visually and audibly. And most people I know would try to tidy up a bit before speaking on camera....just saying...

Mary Kay said...

(...just saying they are totally staged disgruntled folk...)

Anonymous said...

It's time we speak for ourselves? With a man's voice? Total idiocy. Women speaking with men's voices about being treated like a man. Huh? When do we believe it's time to speak on behalf of the women (and men) who have no voices? Those whose mother's choose not to allow them to ever have a voice? You have to twist logic and reason and turn away from all that is natural to believe murdering unborn babies helps anyone. So convoluted. Please God, deliver us from evil.

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