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Your News Story Just Walked By

I like this.

A news reporter is preparing to do an on scene report about a missing man with dementia when said missing man strolls on by.

I particularly liked the slow dawning realization on the reporter's face. Priceless.

ht The Blaze


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RobC said...

Ha! This is funny, cuz' I'm in Maine.

Donna M said...

...reporter is a clueless "idiot"!

...sees an elderly gentleman shuffling along and didn't want to "bother" him by asking him his name.
...just who is really living in the altered universe?

tuleesh said...

Indeed. Talk about the "story walking by. That look said it all. Wonder what was said during the breaks in the video.
It's good Mr. McDonough seems to be OK. His family must be relieved.
Thank G-d.

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