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Almost Done - A Coop Update

Almost done.

If the stupid weather will give me a break, I hope finish the interior details tonight and maybe move them in tomorrow.

All this rain has really been slowing me down. What you see has taken me 4 weeks of weekends and some nights.

This projec thas taken more effort and cost more than I anticipated. These chickens better make some darn good eggs!!


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Anneg said...

Looks fabulous, but the little chickies must be big enough to run around with your kids by now!

Patrick Archbold said...

They are 4 weeks old and I need to get them out of the house!! They are humungous now!

Rick said...

How about a tree house next? Kids love tree houses.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

Uh, oh, "coop" is close in spelling "coup." You might have attracted the attention of some acronymic internal spy agency with that. But upon reflection, I think you have probably annoyed the snoopies for a long time.

Donna M said...

When the FBI starts mucking through his chickens' feed, feathers and guano, it's a safe bet they're interested!

elm said...

I have same the disillusion way too much money in habitat and feed, where are those eggs? Plus one of mine ended up being a rooster, maybe two. Time to list on Craiglist before he/they start the early wake-up call.

Regina said...

Are you going to let them run around in the yard? They won't stay happy for long in something that small.

Irenaeus of New York said...

I took the easy route... I bought a RubberMaid 7x7x7 shed and converted it by cutting out a small door and making a wooden ramp. Then enclosed an area around two sides of the shed with chicken wire for grazing outside. It was up in a day.

Donna M said...

I think after all this, Pat or his chickens might be welcoming the "coop" de gras!

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