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Anglican Priest: Archbishop of Canterbury is a W@#%er for Defending Marriage

You think the National Catholic Reporter says nasty things about bishops? Well, a Church of England priest branded the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, a "w****r" for defending traditional marriage.

After Archbishop Welby warned that same-sex marriage would effectively "abolish" the traditional institution of marriage, the "cornerstone" of society, Rev. Marcus Ramshaw tweeted out his attack on the Archbishop of Canterbury. Here it is:

Whoa.The attack seemed a little rough, especially because a few days later the Church of England dropped its opposition to the bill. Always profiles in courage with these guys, right?

*subhead*He said what?*subhead*

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East Horizon said...

This dude is a "goth" too...what a weirdo.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

How curious that a man who is the recipient of a university education and who occupies a position of great moral responsibility should blather like a particularly petulant, self-indulgent teenage princess of either sex while employing sloppy usage that would shame a sixth-grader.

Proteios1 said...

I think he stopped being a Christian when he said wanker...of before that when he became part of church if England...which seems like a front for the gay bible authors.
The CoE franchise by us Ike's to post quotes and messages outside on its marquee. They love quoting non Christians, and authors. I would think a church might be interested in quoting from the rich treasury of words from saints, prophets...Jesus. It makes me think of McDonald's with a sign in front of the store saying, "SALE at Burger King, 2for1 whoopers.

Donna M said...

"Must be praying to the tooth fairy!"

Steve Dalton said...

They say that particular activity mentioned in the tweet causes mental weakness. I think the tweets author is living proof of it!

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