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Archbishop Chaput Issues Statement on PA Prohibiting Taxpayer Funded Insurance from Covering Abortion

In a clear victory for pro-lifers, HB 818, which clearly prohibits the taxpayer supported insurance plans created under the federal health care exchange from covering elective abortions, is heading to Governor Tom Corbett's desk after passing both the House and Senate.

The pro-life governor will assuredly sign the bill. The Senate considered amendments that would have significantly weakened HB 818 but pro-life legislators defeated them (including a number of Democrats.)

“The Senate took a stand in support of the dignity of human life. I applaud the efforts of the sponsors of this legislation, Representative Oberlander and Senator White. I also appreciate the senators who voted across party lines in support of life, namely Senators Kasunic and Solobay,” said Dr. Robert J. O’Hara, Executive Director of the PA Catholic Conference.

Archbishop Chaput released this statement on the bill's passage:

Pennsylvanians can be pleased that House Bill 818 has passed the full state senate and is headed to Governor Corbett for signature. The legislation wisely prohibits taxpayer funded insurance plans created by the federal healthcare exchange from covering elective abortions. Abortion is violence of the most intimate sort. It has nothing to do with sound medical care, and people shouldn’t be forced to fund it.

I’m grateful to the legislators who had the courage to take a stand for the dignity of human life and to all who encouraged them to do so.

Much work remains to be done. The effort to protect and promote a culture of life will be ongoing. May God deepen our commitment to advancing the dignity of women and their children -- born and unborn.

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Maureen said...

Congrats PA! I believe that Chaput's influence has been instrumental in this. He is a strong pro-life advocate.

Mary De Voe said...

As captive consumers the taxpayers ought to be given the benefit of virtue. The people cannot be forced to assume guilt in the exercise of vice.

Proteios1 said...

I'm impressed with Obama and the DNCs ability to redefine terminology and people's willingness to accept it. Healthcare goes right to the top of the list of those terms. So abortion and contraception are fully funded. Free. It's healthcare. Diabetes...not healthcare, so must pay. Giving birth...not healthcare, so must pay. Cancer treatments, not healthcare, must pay. GERD, not healthcare must pay. So these and numerous involuntary health issues have an associated cost. Optional elective lifestyle choices are top level healthcare. Curious. It's almost as if healthcare is not the issue. Depopulation is. Now it's infused in our healthcare.

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