"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Congressman Ob/Gyn Speaks About Fetal Pain, Media Titters Like Grade Schoolers

I am horrified. Truly. Representative Michael Burgess is an ob-gyn and a congressman. He has delivered thousands of babies.

Recently, he spoke about babies' ability to feel pain in the womb. He mentions the fact that babies in the womb has been seen touching their own faces or genitals for what may be pleasure so it's logical to believe they can feel pain.

It seems like worthy testimony but watch it and guess what the national conversation is. You won't believe it.

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Donna M said...

Media pro aborts are such neanderthals!

Now who's keepin' 'em dumb, stupid and barefoot!
Metaphorically, "slapped" right in the face with the "reality" of the highly developed, living, feeling, sensitive organism, in utero, and all they're into is the genitals!
What idiots! How are they able to function and make appropriate decisions? Guess intellectual honesty is way beyond their pay grade! They are a devolving breed. Trying to be generous here, to the retro, pro abort "nearly" humans. Do they need safety counseling "not" to put their finger in an empty light bulb socket? They really should not be allowed anywhere near a computer! Apparently, they've got their anticipated, extinction protocol mentality in place. Their readers are a "dying" breed!
Proves, yet again, that morals and ethics are maintained by the more "advanced" and "better" evolved, prolife humans!....;)

Rick said...

The media panders to the market and there are more pro-aborts than pro-lifers. There is no nobility in the press, no standing up for the little guy. This generation has been deformed into having sub human sensibilities.

Proteios1 said...

I've seen all my kids sucking their thumbs in the ultrasounds, which are taken around 20wks as is the norm. Aside from the naral-die-hards who think abortion is a mere extension of contraception, most everyone KNOWS that life begins before the child exits the womb. Creating life is BIG, needless to say and we often find ourselves justifying decisions like this. Not because we think the baby isn't alive in the womb. Not because we think they are in some pain free stasis, but the opposite. Because we KNOW it hurts. We KNOW life is being terminated. This opinion piece is this ladies cry out to heaven. Yes, it's warped and distorted, but if she hadn't gotten so far off the path( yes she wouldn't have had an abortion) but she would not have justified the cruel acts but shown contrition. One serves the self. The other is humbling and serves God.

Mary De Voe said...

The will to live is the right to life endowed by our Creator. The human soul is created by God at fertilization. Free will, intellect, the will to live, and especially sovereign personhood endowed at the beginning of the existence of the new human being whose DNA matches no other in the universe are endowed gifts from our Creator along with the gift of Faith from God. There would be no abortion without the will to live of the newly begotten. Abortion is a war on God by the devil. Not being able to destroy God, the devil destroys the innocent virgins of God. The child is covering himself in modesty, a virtue the mainstream media has forgotten several generations ago. Imagine a public domain without our Creator, without virtues, without Justice, without FREEDOM and I present to you the HHS Mandate and the Obama regime, the consumer of conscience, the obliterator of truth, denier of the human soul and eradicator of all unalienable rights endowed by God.

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