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"Dad, You Can't Throw Out God"

Help! My house looks like a bomb hit it. My kids have brought home their entire school with them and I don't think our house will ever recover. And besides the sentimental thing they bring home pictures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Isn't it a sin to throw them out?

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Donna M said...

Yes Matt, it is a SIN to throw those out!..;)
Givin' me a stroke at the mere mention!

May I suggest?
Make a large photo album(s) of all those pics. Collage even the cards received with holy imagry. Dedicate pages to people, feast days, special intentions, times, places and events along with appropriate prayers and scripture passages.
Add extra sheet protector pages to save future offerings.

Sometimes a "picture" page is worth a thousands words or speaks for itself, when words are not needed!

Donna M said...

By the way,
Give some away as reminders and "gifts" during holidays and feast days.
Just getting the "Eternal Word" out... ;)

Aljoz said...

I was always taught not to throw them out (especially if they are not blessed). Look into giving them away (sometimes, I pass on holy cards in letters I write to family and friends). Or, reverently burn them.

Aljoz said...

sorry, I mean to say, don't throw them out (especially if they are blessed). There's no official teaching by the Church on throwing away a holy card that is not blessed, but it just doesn't seem right.

Rick said...

And while it is NOT a sin to through those out, I feel that disposing them requires a certain reverence as one would with an old flag. I just keep broken sacramentals e.g. Rosaries, statues, crosses and holy pictures in the attic or somewhere else; they don't take up much room and there's gotta be other junk lower in the totem pole that can go first.

Kids coloring book pictures even of the Lord can be disposed off with extreme prejudice as one would sandwich them with newspapers and mags - imho.

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