"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Gov. Perry to Sign "Merry Christmas" Bill

In what possibly might be the greatest bill to become a law in this history of the United States, Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to sign legislation that protects schools who have teachers who say, "Merry Christmas."

While the bill itself is awesome with icing, it's a pretty sad state this country is in where we have to pass laws legalizing saying, "Merry Christmas." How nutty have we become?

The bill also protects religious symbols such as nativity scenes and menorahs.

Reportedly, several Santa Claus impersonators rang sleigh bells in the public gallery. Presumably, Santa will be forced to go on the lam in the other 49 states.

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Proteios1 said...

When common sense evaporates.
When common courtesy is replaced with narcissism.
When the only rights one has are those explicitly spelled out in law.
We need a law for every behavior.
This reminds me of the stories about the Jewish culture Jesus was born into. The one with >1500 rules on social etiquette, cleanliness, etc. where law is devoid of common sense. Where the spirit that went into the sense of law is not necessary.
When Christians need laws specifically guaranteeing their behaviors to avoid fines, loss of jobs or jail time. Something you didn't think you needed when the country was created, built and grew under your guidance. Well, now we do. Expect to need more laws like this.

Mack Hall, HSG said...

The bad part of this is the establishment of the precedent that freedom of speech is in future only what the legislature says it is.

Don Schenk said...

Gasp! That "free expression" of religion that the American Constitution protects! Don"t you know that what we should promote is the former Soviet Union Constitution's "freedom from religion"?

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