"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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It Is A Trust Thing

Security vs. Privacy is the topic of the day and is the topic I tackled over at the National Catholic Register. Please give it a read.

*subhead*We have a problem here.*subhead*

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William Meyer said...

Would love to be able to read the article. Unfortunately, for the last week, I have been unable to get to ncregister.com. The same is true for several others I know. It is not an issue which is local to my area, and not local to my ISP. I don't want to assume anything nefarious, but I have growing suspicions.

Nick D said...

You, as well? I've been having that same problem!

William Meyer said...

Nick, that's why I mentioned it here. There does seem to be something going on which is not tied to ISP or any local issues.

Servent of the Cheif said...

Having the same problem on my mobile device.

Donna M said...

Excellent article, Pat, totally agree!

When they unapologetically, declared war on the "Church", that was enough for me.
Just who do they think they are.
What really is most disturbing, having worked with unethical, and immoral people like this, is that the average guy or gal doesn't come forward and call it out! It's called the "culture" of the work sight.
Come on, go along to get along! The upright person is the one labeled untrustworthy, penalized and ostracized! Having experienced it first hand, I'll confirm again. I'm not going to "hell" for anyone or anything! Not a popularity contest!

Nick D said...

Exactly, I agree

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