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Jesuit Criticizes US Support of Muslim Brotherhood

A Jesuit priest in Egypt called U.S. and Western support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which makes a practice of harassing and raping young Christian girls, "disgusting" and a "catastrophe."

The US Catholic reports:

Jesuit Father Henri Boulad, 82, a Melkite Catholic, singled out the United States, France and Great Britain for their support of the Islamist group, which he said has created a regime far worse than the military dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak that preceded it. He warned of looming catastrophe.

"How democratic countries can support such movements is disgusting," Father Boulad told a meeting of the Middle East Discussion Group at a luncheon hosted by Canadian Sen. Ann Cools...

Father Boulad charged that the Muslim Brotherhood has a systematic plan to harass Christians so that they will leave Egypt and that among their tactics is the kidnapping and rape of Christian girls.

The organization also invokes human rights to silence critics in France, Canada and elsewhere, using the courts against people who speak up, he said. The government cries "Islamophobia" and it "is politically incorrect to be an Islamophobe," he said.

"The United States, France and Great Britain are supporting this. It's crazy," he added.

"Intellectual and factual terrorism is being implemented not only in Egypt but all over the world. You cannot speak up. They go to court; they accuse you."

"As long as Islam is not reformed, we are going to catastrophe," Father Boulad warned.
Father Boulad urged democracies throughout the world to support the resistance in Egypt.

I pray that the world will begin listening. Thus far in the Western world, many have shown a stunning willingness to smear those who criticize Islam as racists and nutjobs. Because of that, there seems to be a great willingness to pretend that the problem with Islam is a small one that just requires some dialogue and targeted drone attacks. This path will not end well. It can't.

But I will continue to pray for priests like Fr. Boulad, the safety of Christians throughout the world, and for all to accept the love of Christ in their heart.


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Donna M said...

How many ways can it be said!

Please, LISTEN to Fr Boulad!
Should have heard the latest anti western "cr@p" from the head, of the Egyptian government and we just gave them jets and tanks!
Are we not absolute idiots in this?

Islam "is" like the Borg! They don't ask for pardon, they don't forgive and they take no prisoners.

Resistance is futile!
...as a little troll once said!

Rick said...

Sad. I wonder if our Lady appeared on the Coptic Church to warn and console the Christians about this persecutions.

Katalina said...

The problem is it is NOT just the Muslim Brotherhood. It does not stop there. The West also supported the radicals in Libya and now the rebels in Syria in that countries 2 year old tragic civil war. Yes the extremist Muslims are bad but the truth is we have been as a country secretly and still are support the same terrorists that are supposed to be our enemy like as was claimed after 911.

tuleesh said...

Rick @1:42PM
Christians and Muslims claim that The Blessed Mother appeared in Alexandra, Egypt, in December of 2009.

A year later, the self-immolation by a Tunisian man in protest, begins the the Arab Spring. Protests quickly spread from Tunisia to Egypt [Where the well-organized Muslim Brotherhood took advantage of the protests quite effectively]. And the rest is history.

It's not the first time in history Our Lady has appeared as a warning before calamity and persecution. Why should it be any different today?

Mary Help of Christians, pray for us.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

While one Jesuit speaks the truth, another Jesuit...living at the St. Martha's guest residence...remains silent.

Perhaps the College of Cardinals elected the wrong Jesuit as Pope.

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